How to Reach Agra?

Agra a city very strategically located has connection with all parts of India. Agra was chosen by the Mughals with lot of thinking, Agra is at proximity to the desert state of Rajasthan. Agra centrally located was a place from where the mughals ruled India with ease. The central forces of the mughals could reach Lahore or Dakhan almost in same time. The north east was also reachable from Agra. Today also Agra is very well connected with all parts of India be it by air, rail, road Agra has all options.

By Air- Though Agra has a functional airport “Deen Dayal Upadhyay airport” but this airport is situated in the midst of an air force station where accessibility is a big issue. The airport does not have many flights operational, off late some new flights have been introduced which are a very good link of Agra to cities like Bhopal, Mumbai, and Ahmadabad. The New Delhi airport having connections with all parts of India and the world is very well connected with Agra.

You can reach New Delhi airport in just3 hour’s drive through the state of art Yamuna expressway. Future seems very good for Agra as the proposed Jewar airport is just 100 km from Agra. Hopefully the Jewar airport will have very good number of flights connecting it with not only rest of India but world as well. The foreign tourists in future will have option of driving straight to Agra taking a mere one hour 30 minutes. A Mumbai citizen will soon fly to jewar and reach Agra visit the Taj Mahal and other monuments and fly back the same day with ease.

By Road - Agra even in the mughal times had many good roads the “Sadak E Azam” which was later called Grand trunk road. Today Agra has very good connectivity with all parts of India these highways pass through Agra.

1. Yamuna express way:- this excellent eight lane expressway was commissioned in 2012 by then Govt of UP. A private company Jaypee group is looking after the maintenance and upkeep of this road. The road is 166 km long, right up to the Greater Noida city. The Greater Noida is further connected to the national capital Delhi via the Noida – Greater Noida expressway.

2. Lucknow expressway:- Another feat in development of highway a 330 km Agra-Lucknow highway was built in 2016 by then chief minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. Today you can reach Lucknow in bare 4 hours flat from Agra. Today a same day tour of Agra from Lucknow is possible with comfort and ease.

3. National Highway No-3:- Agra-Mumbai road. This is a famous highway connecting Agra straight with Mumbai passing through Gwalior, Guna, Indore, Dhulia, Nashik, Mumbai. In major cities like indore this road is popularly called the AB road (Agra Bombay Road) This highway has been recently converted in to a four lane highway you can comfortably drive from Agra to Mumbai in very less time.

4. National Highway 2:- Starting from Delhi this excellent 6 lane highway goes all the way to Calcutta. Connecting Agra with Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Buddhist city Gaya in Bihar. Agra to kolkatta in straight 1300 km, Distance to Delhi is just 200 km.

5. National Highway:- This highway is also a four lane excellent highway providing connection of Agra with the capital city of Rajasthan (Jaipur –the pink city ) passing through Bharatpur a city famous for the bird enthusiast late ornithologist Mr Salim Ali. The bird sanctuary at Bharatpur is a famous haven of exotic foreign migratory birds. Jaipur is just 235 kms from Agra and drive is around 4 hours. The drive is comfortable with not much traffic. The midway city mahua has excellent hotels and resorts for midway refreshment

6. State Highway connecting Agra with Ghaziabad via Aligarh, Hathras. National Highway:- This excellent highway is a toll road you can easily reach the popular bird sanctuary of Narora via Aligarh. Apart from these popular national highways there are numerous state highways connecting Agra with parts of Uttar Pradesh , Haryana and Rajasthan.

By Rail The Agra is zonal head office of the North Central Railways. The DRM office is situated at Agra Cantt Railway station. The railway line from Agra to New Delhi connects with the central India and further south India. All the trains from south India to New Delhi pass through Agra. This is list of major trains operating from New Delhi passing through Agra.

1. G.T Express(12616) – connects New Delhi with Chennai

2. A.P Express(22416)- connects New Delhi with Hyderabad

3. Punjab Mail(12137)- connects New Dehi (Ferozpur) with Mumbai.

4. Shatabdi Express(12001) -connects New Delhi with Bhopal

5. Goa Express(12780)-connects New Delhi with Goa

6. Mangla Express(12618) –connects H.Nizamuddin with Ernakulam in Kochi district of Kerala

7. Gatimaan Express(12050)-connets H.Nizamuddin with Jhansi

8. There are many Rajdhani express trains connecting cities of South India with New Delhi

Apart from this major railway line another most important railway line passes just 30 kms from Agra with a station known as Tundla junction. This rail line connects New Delhi with entire north east India right up to Jorhat , This line also connects major tourist destinations like Allahabad and Varanasi with Agra. Jaipur also is connected with Agra through a direct Line. Another important railway line of India passes just 50 kms from Agra you can catch the trains plying on Western line from Mathura junction/ Bharatpur junction, this line connects Mathura/ Bharatpur with New Delhi and Mumbai. Passing through major cities of Gujarat like Vadodara and Surat this rail line provides vital connectivity of Agra with western India