Durgiana Temple, Amritsar

Location: - The Durgiana temple is situated near the Lohagarh gate of the old fortified city of Amritsar, there are a total of twelve such gates built by the Emperor Ranjeet Singh. The temple is also very near to the Amritsar railway station its almost 1.5 kms from the railway station.

Architecture of Durgiana Temple: - The Durgiana temple is an important place to visit in Amritsar Tour Packages. It is often called as the silver temple of Amritsar because of the huge silver clad doors. The architecture of the Durgiana Temple is very similar to that of Golden temple Amritsar, The temple similar to the Golden Temple stands amidst a pond. The temple is primarily dedicated to Goddess Durga though idols of other gods and goddess are also worshipped in the premises. The domes and the building look very similar to the Golden Temple. The building is made up of white marble, the top domes are gilded with gold.

History of Durgiana Temple: - The temple was constructed by Guru Har sahai Mal kapoor in year 1921, Guru Har Sahai Mal is said to be from the lineage of Pinthi Chand the eldest son of Guru Ramdas Ji, Prithi chand had himself declared to be the Guru after the demise of Guru Ramdas Ji. They were controlling the affairs of Golden temple for a long time. This area since ages has been related with the history of Ramayana. The city of Lahore is said to be built by son of lord Rama- luv and city of kasur is said to be built by Kush the other son of Lord Rama. The ashram of maharishi Valmiki where Sita gave birth to the twin sons of Lord Rama was also said to be situated in Amritsar. This place where the Durgiana temple is situated is also said to be related to a story in epic Ramayan where the sons of Lord Rama luv and Kush stopped the horses of Yajna and this ensued a war between forces of Lord Rama sons Luv and Kush. Hanumana is said to be tied to a tree by the sons at this place.