Fatehgarh Sahib

Fatehgarh Sahib previously known as Sir Hind is probably the most revered religious site in Sikh history. This is the another Holy Place of Sikh after the Amritsar Tour Packages. Sir Hind falls on the ancient Grant trunk road of Sher Shah Suri which is now in shape of a modern six lane highway connecting north India with Delhi. The city is 250 kms away from Delhi. The nearest airport is at Chandigarh which is very well connected with all major cities of India, the airport also has international flights connecting it with major world centers. The city also has a railway station on the Ludhiana Delhi main line and most of the trains stop at this station, those desirous of travelling by Shatabdi express trains or other premiere trains should travel by road to Ambala junction where all the trains stop.

History and Significance of Fatehgarh Sahib

It was here the two sons of Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Zorawar singh age 9 and Baba Fateh Singh age 7 were bricked alive the old and frail grandmother of these two innocent kids was led to the door of death. The story started from Qila Anandgarh in Anandpur sahib the combined armies of Mughal’s and the hill Rajput chief after a long seize finally were able to lead Guru Gobind Singh out of his fort they had made false promises of a safe passage but the promises failed and the Sikhs were attacked, in this mayhem the family of Guru Gobind singh ji got divided, the mother of the Guru along with two small sons after crossing river sirsa met one of their old servants the Brahmin Gangu who fell prey to his vices, he produced and handed over the family of Guru Gobind Singh ji to the administrator of Sirhind the- Nawaab Wazir Khan, Nawab wazir khan kept the family on a secluded tower- The Thanda Burj.

The heart wrenching cold of North Indian winters was faced by the grand mother and two kids without proper clothes and food. The kids were produced in the courts of Wazir khan. The Nawab put forward an invitation to the kids to embrace Islam and promised to provide them with all possible riches and luxuries. The small kids squarely refused the proposal after two day of caJoling and applying pressure the Nawab was not able to deflect the kids thus the Nawab. On advice of his minister Suchanand proclaimed death penalty on the kids. The kids were bricked alive in Sirhind (Fatehgarh). Amongst the courtiers of Nawab Wazir khan only the Nawab of Maler Kotla resented this decision as for him it was against shariat to use force on kids. Listening to the martyrdom of the kids the old grandmother too died. It was at Sir Hind the bodies of these martyrs were cremated by a devotee (Diwan Todarmal) who bought the land by spreading gold coins on the floor, this was probably the most costliest land ever purchased at a price of 76000 Gold coins(Mohar) for a 4 square yard.

Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib

The place where the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were bricked alive is the site of Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib. The wall still stands at Fatehgarh sahib Gurudwars in which the kids were bricked alive.The tower where the family braved the cold winds -the Thanda Burj is also present in the Gurudwara of Fatehgarh sahib.

The Sikhs after this debacle got organized under the leadership of Banda Singh Bahadur who raided Sir Hind and Wazir khan the nawab of Sir Hind was killed, the entire city was marauded and plundered in the revenge Baba Banda Singh Bahadur had pledged. Sir Hind since ancient times has been an important place its exactly 250 kms from Lahore, Delhi is also 250 kms from Sir Hind so its exact midpoint between these two great cities of north India. Four beautiful gates were planned and built on the occasion of the tercentenary celebrations of the martyrdom of Baba Zarawar singh and Baba Fateh Singh in year 2003. These gates greet the visitors coming to the city of Sir Hind now also called as Fatehgarh sahib the district in which Sir Hind falls is called Fatehgarh sahib.

Where to stay in Sir Hind

Sir Hind is not very far from Chandigarh/ Mohali where all the major hotels are situated or you can drive to Ludhiana which is also just 60 kms from Sir Hind. The budget properties are a plenty in Sir Hind or you can even book a comfortable room in the Fatehgarh sahib Gurudwara at a very economical price.