Tarn Taran Sahib

Location: - Located on the Amritsar – Firozpur-Faridkot road is the city of Tarntarn. It is located at a distance of around 28 kms from Amritsar and you can include this place in Amritsar Tour Packages. It takes just a drive of 45 minutes to reach Tarntarn from Amritsar city.

What is Tarntarn famous for?

The small city of Tarntarn is famous for the Gurudwara Sri Tara Taran sahib. The city has history associated with many Guru’s of sikh religion (Guru Arjun Dev ji, Guru Har Gobind ji, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji), apart from Gurus many saints of the Sikh religion have been associated with Tarntarn. Baba Budha sahib is prominent amongst them.

Best time to visit Tarntarn

The best time to visit Tarntarn is the winter season. The summers are quite hot in this area. Winter starts from October and the weather remains pleasant till March month.

Gurudwara Sri Tarn Taran Sahib

History and Architecture:-The area around Tarntarn has traditionally been a stronghold of jat tribe. These Jat people had accepted a religion called Sakhi sarwar (sultanis) considered to be a part of islam. By the influence Baba Budha Sahib (1506-1631) a very influential sikh who also belonged to Jat tribe the entire area under the guidance of sikh Guru Guru Arjun dev ji became Sikhs. Guru Arjun dev ji started the construction of the pond at Tarntarn as land was bought from Chaudhri Amrik Dhillon. The sarovar of Tarn Taran is the biggest pond in any gurudwara. The gurudwara was a mud structure till the Sikh Sirdar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia and Sardar Buddh singh virk in 1768 started the construction of a grand gurudwara.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1836-37 constructed the sarovar and the Gurudwara building and plated the exterior of the gurudwara with gold. The parikrama was also completed. A minaret was later added to the structure by Nau Nihal Singh grandson of maharaja Ranjit singh.

Unlike the Darbar sahib of Golden temple the Gurudwara is not situated in the midst of the sarovar rather the Gurudwara is situated on one side of the holy pond.
The gurudwara is constructed from marble and the exterior architecture including the domes of the Gurudwara bear a striking resemblance with the Golden Temple at Amritsar.
Nau nihal singh also made huge gates in Tarntarn, these gates were used to accommodate the caparisoned elephants. The present Gurudwara was recently renovated in year 2005. The gurudwara of Tarntarn is known for a congregation held on the no moon night (Amavas).