The craze for Celebrating Karva Chauth at the Taj Mahal

The craze for Celebrating Karva Chauth at the Taj Mahal

This day is celebrated four days later full Moon in the month of Kartika few days before the Diwali festival. This is one day Hindu festival celebrated across North India by the married ladies for the long life of their husbands. The date is not fixed according to the Gregorian calendar and varies every year.

For a couple of years Craze for Celebrating Karva Chauth at the Taj, MahalNormally Ladies are on fast for full day and even they do not drink a single drop of water.

How Karva Chauth is celebrated?

The major event of the festival occurs in the evening with the moon rise. These ladies prepare themselves in fine garments and rich ornaments. They have the same earthen pots known as Karvas and put sweets inside them. In the sprout of the Karvas, they fix some Broomsticks and as the moon rises, they see the faces of their husband through a sieve and worship the moon god now. Some ladies are even

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Celebrating Karva Chauth at Taj Mahal

After the celebrations, both husbands and wives sit together for dinner. For a couple of years, a growing craze is noticed among the youths to visit the love monument-The Taj on this day. The ladies with their moon (husbands)


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