Strictly Prohibited Activities in Surroundings of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal draws million of vacationers annually adding to it’s charms of architecture and the history related with it. Often travelers are ignored of what to do in the city or some even think of enjoying cultural activities in the surrounding of the Taj.

You can easily enjoy the heritage walking tours in the area around the Taj like Taj ganj Walk, Kachhpura city walk etc. But at times tourists do not know what are the forbidden activities in the region.

First and foremost is that this area is a no flying Zone. Thus you are not supposed to fly drones or drones with cameras to take the picture. This is on account of security threats.

Drones not allowed

Another prohibited activity is boating in the river Yamuna in the back drop of Taj Mahal. Somebody may entice you for this activity but this is illegal and can cause trouble.

Boating is illegal on river Yamuna

You are not supposed to carry or use any satellite phones in this area. This area being close to the Agra Airforce, It is not allowed to do any Para motoring or parasailing activity in the vicinity.

No Satellite phones are allowed near Tajmahal

The activities like camel ride on the Sandy beaches of Yamuna on the vicinity is considered illegal for any commercial gains.

Similarly the shooting of any documentary or movie is not allowed until and unless you have t proper permission from the Archaeological survey of India office.

Camel ride not allowed on Yamuna sand

The Pakistani Nationals are supposed to have a proper visa for Agra visit and are supposed to present themselves at the local intelligence office open arrival.

The tourist should certainly keep this list of do not’s in mind on their Tajmahal tour


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