Shopping In Delhi

Delhi has plethora of options of shopping in the colorful markets in these places you can enjoy street shopping. You can be a crazy shopaholic in Delhi Tour Package and can try buying apparels, leather goods, pashmina and other souvenirs. Though very fast retail outlet like relince trend, easy day etc. are making way to the Delhi markets but largely the small store(which sometimes that not small) make the main stay of markets in Delhi the Delhi markets are mostly very well differentiated markets, We will discuss and detailed some very markets of Delhi

Famous Markets & Shopping Places in Delhi

Kashmiri Bazaar- This market specialises in automobile spare parts but this market has intra market specialision too , there are multiple shops dealing only car spare parts or truk spare parts or car interior/ decoration so if you have bought a new car this market is for you , you can buy complete car upholepstry at real discounted price.

Khari Baoli- This market near the famous Chadni Chowk area is famous for it wholesale market. It is supposedly said to be the largest spice market in entire Asia. This market catres primarily to the wholesale trade and retailer from every part of North India come to this market for there purchase

Nayi Sadak- This narrow lane near chandni chowk has scores of book shops, these book shops specialises in medical, engineering, history, arts and various other subjects, students, researchers flock this market and enjoy great discounts on the books

Karol Bagh- This is a huge market but unlike markets like nayi sadak the Karol bagh market deals in multifarious items. Gaffar market in Karol Bagh specialises in electronic items you can get a handsome discount on your cellphone purchase over here. Not only moblie phone you can shop for LCD televisons, Air-conditioners, various other electronic gadgetc over here it's a crowded market with not very large shops. Most of the shops deal primerily in cellphones and accessories. If you want have your moblie phone repair than gaffar market is an ideal destination for you, for a great discount you can get your mobile phone repaired.

The main market of karol bagh is famous of all sort of street shopping it can be called a flea market haven there are the road side stalls selling cheap Jens laddies saddles, apparels, cosmetics, children wear so we ready for a surprise.There some big shops also which are very expensive and branded people come here to buy clothes for marriages, for generations patrons of shops like Diwan Sahib have been coming to karol bagh. Diwan Sahib is a brand known for mans couture its and expensive branded shop. Karol bagh is known for famous street food you can savor the famous Kulche Chole and kulfi(Roshan's Kulfi) during your shopping spree at karol bagh. The nearest metro station is the Karol Bagh metro station.

Palika Bazaar- Right in the middle of cannaught place an under ground market which was famous haunt of shoppers in year 1980's. This air conditioned under ground market having 380 shops was known den for smuggled electronic goods now since Indian markets have ready avaiblity of all sorts of modern electronic gadgets so hardly now day people come looking for electronic items to the Palika Bazaar. This market still attracts the tourist who shop clothes and other fancy articles from Palika Bazaar.

Janpath- A street originating from Cannaught place is famous for its flea merket of readymade clothes. You need to be a good negotiator and bargainer if you want to shop here in your Delhi Tour Itinerary. The clothes at great discount can be easily bought from this market. Very near are the famous food Vends like D'Pouls the cold coffee D'Pouls have been tantalizing the taste buds of delights for long, very near to the clothe market the Janpath lane attracts tourists there are multiple shops selling antiques, handicraft items, souvenirs etc.

Cannaught Place- This old world charm market of New Delhi has very old stores preserving their charisma intact there are stores selling various articles in Cannaught Place. You can shop for a pair of new spectacles or can order new tailor made dress there are shops of travel agents and shops famous for food items such as Narula's and Wimpys.

Delhi Haat- In south Delhi opposite the INA market this market was conceptualised and visualized by the Delhi tourism and New Delhi Municipal corporation(NDMC). It is an effort to show case the ethnic handicrafts from all parts of India to the people of Delhi and the tourist. A nominal fees for entrance and you step into world of handicrafts. Artisans from far flung corner of India set up their shops/Kiosks at Delhi Haat. This way consumers get a very good deal and artisans get a handsome reward for the hard work. While strolling around you can also savor delicacias from distant parts of India. There are people who come to Delhi Haat just to enjoy the ethnic food items on sale over here.

Chor Bazaar-The literal meaning of Chor Bazaar is the “Thieves Market” few years back this market which is infact a make shift flea market was held at the back of Red Fort, Now a days this market is organized in the area near the Jama Masjid. Before you approach this market remember the name “Thieves market” well this market is notorious for pick pockets so keep good track of your belongings while you enjoy the market, if you are having a back pack keep it tucked in your front side rather than the back . The nearest metro station is the Jama masjid, as you get out of gate no. 2 you are right in the midst of Chor bazaar. The next most important thing to remember while you visit chor Bazaar is the timing. This market is at its best early in the morning, so make sure you visit this market very early morning(starting 5 Am). The shanties display the products right on the road side. This market requires the best negotiating and bargaining provess. The products on sale are electronics of all sorts, Chargers, play stations, mobile phones, laptops, cosmetics, apparel, Jeans, shoes, sports goods, weight lighting equipment. Some of the articles like clothes, shoes can be new otherwise mostly electronics itesms can be second hand or stolen so remember to stay away from a good looking Iphone at a super bargain price(it can be stolen).Though there are so many negatives but this market is an experience you should not miss (Do enjoy the desi Indian masala tea at a local stall while you roam around chor bazaar).

Nehru Place- This is a very crowded market in south Delhi which came up in the 1980’s unlike the traditional markets this market is a little different as the market is multi storied with many blocks. This market is famous for computer parts so if you are searching for a computer spares part this is the place for you. The market is notorious for illegal software sale which has raised the eye brows internationaly . if you are looking for an illegal copy of a playstation game then you might strike gold at Nehru place. If you are looking for laptop repairs or are looking for experienced help for data retrieval then too Nehru Place is your destination. The nearest metro is the Nehru Place metro you can walk from this metro station to access the market. Apart from the regular shops some shops sell food items like Choley Bhature , Choley Kulchey, Rajma Chawal etc.

Shahpur Jat- This old nondescript village near the ruins of Siri Fort is famous for a different sort of shopping experience. Every one knows that designer clothes are expensive but if you want to buy designer clothes at bargain price then shahpur Jat and its alleys are a perfect option for you, very narrow lanes of Shahpur jat have some very good ladies designer apparel shops & these ethnic ready made designer shops offer best option for ladies of Delhi to buy great looking party dress and dresses for marriage at good discount not only apparel even good looking ethnic jooties the traditional India ethnic footwear can be sourced at great prices. Tourist can spend quality time in shahpur Jat getting engrossed in window shopping ,apart from these designer clothes stores in Shahpur Jat adjoining area of HauzKhas also has a lot to offer and explore.

Mayapuri-This very famous market in west Delhi is actually a scrap market but this is the assorted scrap vehicles. The vehicles of all sort are brought to this market and dismantled. The spare parts are then sold respectively. The market is said to be the largest of its kind in India there are scores of shops selling tyres, some selling spare parts of Jeeps other deal only in truck spares, infact shops can be seen dealing in a particular brand of vehicle like there are shops selling spare parts of Ashok Leyland trucks or spare parts of Tata trucks. There are shops who deal only in alloy wheels of cars and SUV’s. The USP of this market is the economy and price of the items sold over here. People come from far and wide to this market for their purchase. The only thing to note is that you should be technically good to know the usability of the part you have found. This market has also been in news for negative reasons as these scrap dealers sometimes deal with automobile thieves and dismantle the stolen vehicles and sell their parts. For commercial vehicle owners and transporters this market is heaven. Some very famous food stalls which serve food like” Kulchey choley” also can be seen and enjoyed.

Azadpur Sabji Mandi- As the name suggests this market in North part of Delhi is North India’s biggest whole sale and retail market of fruits and vegetables. Trucks laden with fruits like Mangoes come as far as from Andhra Pradesh, fresh coconut from Andhra Pradesh, Betelnut from Karnataka. These loaded trucks enter the market in the night as during the day the off loading and wholesale dealing of the offloaded articles happens. The shops of the merchants also known as “ Adhtiyas” are very busy during the day as they sell off the consignment of large trucks to small retailers coming as far as Punjab for purchase. The retail market of vegetables and fruits is also there in Azadpur. Delhites come here in large number to enjoy great discounts on offer over here. Trucks laden with Apples from Himachal and Jammu Kashmir are first off loaded and stored in cold storages before being sold and sent to other parts of India.

Select city walk- If you are not desirous of walking in crowded markets brushing your shoulders with commoners and are interested in something Uber and classy then this mall at saket is an option for you now you do not need to perspire in the hot Delhi summers, this mall has answer to all your woes. You can meet, enjoy, dine, and shop with your family and friends at this hot venue of south Delhi. Spread in an amazing, awe inspiring 6,00,000 square feet area the mall has retail stores selling chic international brands like H7M, Dior, Zara etc. If you are interested in enjoying a cup of coffee while shopping then the same can be done comfortably.

Ambience Mall Vasant Kunj-This is also a retail mall very well known for its collection, it has on retail some very high end brands and some very known common brands as well. The food court has brands like Mc donalds, KFC, Burger King, subway etc so you can satiate your hunger pangs while you spend your energy shopping. A gaming zone to keep your kids involved and a theater to enjoy movie makes this mall a complete package. The venue of the mall is upbeat.

Star City Mall- If you are staying in Delhi and don’t want to spend more on liquor at the hotel bar/ pubs then this mall near to the Hotel Holiday inn and Hotel crowne plaza in noida is answer to your query. This mall has scores of shops where you can comfortably shop for a bottle of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) /imported foreign liquor/ beer. Scores of people from Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida came here to make their purchase. The mall has a special shop catering to the demands of women customers. At a fraction of cost you can buy liquor of your choice at this star city mall.