Best Places for Breakfast in Delhi Agra Jaipur

These three destinations are not very far apart so most of the cultural and culinary aspects are similar as majority population of Delhi Agra and Jaipur follows hindu religion the vegetarianism is in vogue but non veg food is also easily available with a sumptuous and tantalizing menu.


Delhi has a very wide choice offer for the breakfast palate there are fast food joints like haldiram, bikanerwala, Mc donald’s, KFC in all these three cities but we will cite few very popular local food joints where you can enjoy the morning breakfast.

1. South Indian food near jantar mantar- This is the place in Delhi where most of the protests, processions etc are held just very near to the protest sites in small kiosks is sold the south Indian platter of masala dosa, idli –sambhar, vada-sambhar. The prices are very economical and quality is real good. If you love south Indian food head for this venue in the morning.

2. Radhey shyam subhash kumar choley bhaturey- There are many popular choley bhaturey joints in Delhi but most of them do not open at the breakfast time this joint right opposite to the entrance gate of new delhi railway station serves sumptuous choley bhature –A taste you will not forget enjoy the chatni served free with choley bhature . As this joint is near the railways station for certainly can enjoy a cup of masala chai at the local chaiwala. These are some famous south Indian food stalls over here which you can also enjoy.

3. Paratha Bhandar at Green Park- Right opposite the sikh gurudwara are small shops making and selling various kinds of parathas. Aloo paratha, Gobhi paratha, paneer paratha, anda paratha, made fresh right in front of you and seemed with amul butter and curd, this is a perfect start for a day. If you are in south Delhi then don’t miss this special taste of Delhi. “Gupta sweets” a small sweets shops towards the aims sells piping hot samosa and jalebi in the morning you can enjoy the samosa and can also try the Indian sweets like barfi, gulab jamun.

4. Paratha wali gali- This narrow lane at chandni chowk not very far from the famous sikh temple”seesh ganj sahib” is known to serve delicious paranthas , there are many shops in the lane but few open early in the morning enjoy a hot masala tea alongside the parantha in various flavors.

5. Non vegetarian food at jama masjid old Delhi- If you are a Non vegetarian food freek then straight head for old delhi area near jama masjid . This muslim dominated area is famous for its non vegetarian delicacies. “Naahri” a special dish served in the morning it is a kind of stew which is cooked overnight “haleem” , kababs, biryani. You can have all theseeven in the morning there are some very famous food joints in these area like “Kareems”. The food is fresh and appealing a perfect start for a perfect day.


Agra is also famous for its culinary delights specially the breakfast check out these joints while you enjoy your holidays in Agra.

1. Deviram sweets at Pratap Pura- The small shop near the crossing with amazes you by the number of people enjoying their breakfast. “ bedai” the fried pan cake served hot with a stew of spicy potatoes can be tried at various locations in Agra. The taste varies from place to place. Have a pair of bedai along with samosa later enjoy the fresh made sweet lassi (churned curd).

2. Bhagat Halwai & Deviram sweets ant Nehru Nagar M G Road - These two food joints on the mG road are famous Indian sweet shop. You can enjoy desi ghee “bedai” made fresg in front of you along with plethora of famous Indian sweets like gulab jamun, kalakand, rasgulla, barfi, ghewar all fresh and very tasty.

3. Chimman lal poodi wala and shreeram poodi wala at ISBT- These two shops sell fresh and tasty poorie (fried Indian bread) along with aloo ki sabji at very famous locations of Agra (ISBT & Jama Masjid) The shops open early in the morning serving the clients their favourite breakfast.

4. Anokhey paratha (fatehabad Road), Anmol paratha (Taj Nagari R.K.Puram)- These two small shops are not very far apart they serve fresh and tasty paranthas ( Indian pancakes) you can enjoy these parathas in various flavors, anda paratha, aloo paratha, mix paratha. Served with a handsome serving of raita and masala flavoured butter milk.

Choice for Non Vegetarian Food

1. Pahalwan Dhaba- Heeng ki mandi this is a famous joint where you can enjoy famous dishes like mutton keema kaleji, mutton korma, mutton biryani. This shop is located in front of famous peelu masjid.

2. Haleem & Nahari near the Shaheed Nagar Mosque

3. Chicken & mutton biryani- at Taj ganj Tonga stand

4. Haleem, Nahari, Biryani at Mantola


As you step in to the desert state the culinary delights alsochange in place of Delhi’s choley Bhaturey and Agra’s Bedai you swift to a long list of fried delicacies made from the gram flour. Mirchi bada, Pyaaz kachauri, Daal ki kachauri, Lassie.

1. Rawat Kachauri at Sindi Camp- This shop near the sindhi camp bus stand excels in the pyaaz kachauri, the onion based masala filled in to the fried kachauri gives it a unique taste some other delicacies like khaman , dhokla, mawa ki kachori, jalebi along with Indian sweets are available. The rates are quite affordable. The morning is always busy time at this food joint.

2. Bombay misthan Bhandaar- This shop also has a long list of breakfast eatables you can choose between mirchi bada, pyaaz kachauri , samosa, aloo poorie, rasgulla, gulab jamun and so many more. The shop is located near the sanganeri gate of the old walled city of Jaipur.

3. Sodhani Sweets- Sodala- This sweet shop is the sodala are near vaishali nagar area of jaipur. The shop sells piping hot samosas, pyaaz kachauri, various kinds of Namkeen and lots of varieties of Indian sweets. The chutney and the karhi served along with kachorie samosa increase the taste.

4. Lassie house at MG Road- This frothy fresh churned sweetened curd with lots of ice makes a very refreshing morning breakfast. The shop is very well known not only in Jaipur but adjoining areas too.

5. Mahabir rabri Bhandar- Enjoy the sweet rabri which is actually condensed sweetened milks solid enjoyed along with malpua’s the mahabir rabri bhandaar is a perfect wat to start a new day.