Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Golden Triangle India

Disneyland in California State of USA is called the happiest place on earth as it has nearly 15 million tags on instagram. Similarly Eiffel tower in Paris, Berlin Wall in Germany, Big Ben in London are some other most intagrammed places in the entire world.

Golden Triangle India is full of culture, history and traditions. The grand exquisite monuments provide a nice vista and backdrop for the memorable picture. Let’s explore the best instagram worthy spots in this region of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.

1. Taj Mahal Agra - The white marble marvel of architecture is undoubtedly the top ranking spot for insta memorable picture, It’s history the romantic story ,architecture and other unique facets blending together making it a really top destination of India tour. This is the reason it is selected as one among the new Seven Wonders of the World.

Of course the two gates of the Taj Mahal –Eastern and Western are open at the sunrise time. Thus you are suggested to check the local time and like wisely make the plan as early possible to beat the crowds. If you are instagram driven do not miss the opportunity to visit it at dawn. Preparing at 5 am gives you plenty of time to walk up to the gate and be in line and cross the security zone. You should chalk out a backup plan with the suggestions of expert tour guide who will take you to such spots and angles to avoid the crowd and minimize the effect of the crowd.

Suggestion-you are advised to book the Taj Mahal tickets online to save the time and hassle. Besides you should move inside the premises with a bare camera and leave all other stuff inside the car or in the hotel room.

2. Nahargarh Fort Jaipur- So far as Insta memories in India are concerned Jaipur city provides plethora of options. Nahargarh fort is a perfect place to explore where you can enjoy watching the sunset. This fort located on a mountain ridge with a medium altitude provides a kaleidoscopic view. The outer wall encircling the fort and the less frequency of the tourists provide enough space to snap instagram worthy picture of the serene valley and the natural habitation. It’s dazzling architecture and serene ambience is the root cause of choice of tourists.

3. City palace Jaipur- The city palace in Jaipur has the magnetic charm and attracts everyone not only for its is grand style but for its galleries also. Its remarkable exhibits displayed such as textiles, weaponry, carpets, paintings etc the entire visit takes nearly 2 to 3 hours and you should have plenty of space in your memory card to get the best pictures. Do not miss visiting the blue room.

4. Amer fort in Jaipur- This fort of the medieval ages has much affinity with the European castles. It stands over the hills since 400 years almost and had witnessed several coronations. The way to the fort and the elephant ride mesmerize every one. For the elephant ride remember to arrive early in the morning as the reservation is on first come first serve basis, The elephant will take you to the fort one way you can walk your way back or can ride a jeep on your way back. Make a plan of 2 hours at least to visit Amer fort. The inner palaces and their history are awesome.

5. Sur sarovar bird sanctuary, Agra- If you want to have fun and frolic make a plan to visit this top bird sanctuary in Agra. This sanctuary can easily be approached by cab as it lies on NH2. For the adventure and picture lovers this is a paradise. You can enjoy boating in the large lake area and take pictures of the aquatic animals and avion species. To add charm to your trip you are suggested to visit the bear rescue centre which is inside the sanctuary.

6. Baby Taj, Agra- Of course you have heard of the Taj Mahal, but do you know about the baby Taj in Agra, if not you must plan visiting this place for the memorable pictures. This place is Itmad ud daula tomb which is a precursor to the Taj Mahal. This white marble edifice is highly ornate with tessellated work and paintings. Get ready with your camera or apple phone to explore this place and take instaworthy pictures of 16th century tomb. Besides history buff this place is known for it’s architecture.

7. Spice market Old Delhi- In case you pine for adding colours to your insta stories, make plan to browse the famed spices market of old Delhi near Khari Baoli. This area has witnessed the age and rule of various dynasties with their rise and sudden fall. In this area you feel the aroma of spices and savour the taste of local dishes. You can shop spices and Ayurvedic herbs for your home, Take insta memorable pictures of fruits and flowers.

8. Agrasen Baoli- New Delhi-This old step well in New Delhi offers you a charismatic charm of Instagram worthy pictures, the descending steps with arches on either sides has tons of suspense. This place in olden times was also known to be haunted.

9. India Gate - The India Gate edifice is a classic design of the Raj days the British architects made this memorial in memory of Indian soldiers who laid their lives in WW1 don’t miss to have a picture in front of the” Amar jawan jyoti “as this is the place where the Prime minister of India salutes the martyrs every year on the republic day along with chiefs of the army,navy and airforce.

10. Humayun’s Tomb- The tomb built during the reign of Akbar the great is a master piece of Mughal architecture, this is the structure from where the basic design of the Tajmahal was conceptualized, Striking similarity will amaze you, do not forget to have a picture in front of this monument.