Cheetah in India

There is very popular advertisement “Cheetah bhi Peeta hai” and the new generation wonder what is cheetah?The erstwhile royalties were fond of keeping cheetah as pet. The first mention of it we find during the time of Jahangeer where he kept cheetah in cage as his pet. There are various species of animals which are extinct in India such as white Tiger, white peacock etc. animals which are extinct in India such as white tiger, white peacock etc. and we can find them only in the zoo. But now we are looking to see the African cheetah in the Kuno national park

Kuno national garden is located in Shyopor district of Madhya Pradesh. This path is known all over the world for its flora & fauna. This is set amidst the Vindhyan hills rocky surroundings. It also encompassed the old heritage of age old facts and monuments besides the lush green forests.

Cheetah has been included in the endangered species of wild animals by the international union ofr conservation of nature foundation. This wild cat is extinct in India before the independence of India. Presently it is found in some Asian countries at Iran and African country like Namibia. This is speedy animal and can run on an average speed of 120 km per hour. It is long tail and thin legs make it run fast. In 2006 census the number of cheetah was calculated only 7000 all over the world- originally in African continent.

So far as cheetah is concerned the number was around 300 before 1960 which divided with the passage of time on account of illegal preaching, decreasing habitats and break of their food chain. Now as Indian we are lucky to see this animal back in to their habitats. Indian government is planning to impact few couple from Namibia. The efforts were already made to bring some from Iran, but it could not be successful.

For the better comeback of this rare species the government wildlife authorities are foiling hand. Dean of wildlife institute of India Mr. Yadvendradev Jhala took up the task to search for better living conditions in Indian wildlife sanctuaries.