Local Street Food of Amritsar

Amritsar is famous for its street food there are the popular street food options in Amritsar:-

1. Kulchey Choley:- This is the most famous street food of Amritsar. Kulcha is prepared from wheat flour dough. The multi layered dough is properly baked in a wod fired oven. Laced with generous amount of butter and presented with a bowl of chick peas cooked in spices and condiments. The dish is certainly delicious and you will crave for more.

2. Lassi:- This is one of the most famous street food drink of Amritsar. Essentially its nothing but a concoction of churned curd mixed with ice and dollops of fresh butter, some vendors even add and churn with Peda (Sweetened condensed milk solid). This drink is very nourishing and fully satiates the hunger pangs.

3. Sarson Ka saag and Makkey Ki Roti:- This is another famous food from the Punjabi platter. This is available only in the winter season. Sarson ka saag is the mustard plant cooked and churned with binding of courn flour. Tempered with sauté of fried onions, tomatoes,ginger, garlic. Certainly the final product is very tempting and this becomes a complete package when served with fresh corn pancakes (makke ki roti). The Punjabi’s love butter and a lots is added to this dish.

4. Nutri Kulcha :- This is another famous dish from Amritsar the Nutri is a vegetarian dish of Soyabean nuggets prepared with lots of onions, tomatoes, capsicum. This dish is prepared and stir fried in a pan. The kulcha are a sort of bread baked in country oven. The kulcha are smeared and tossed with nutri. Butter adds the taste to this lipsmacking dish.

5. Paneer ke Pakode:- Punjabi’s love their pakodas (fritters)The paneer is the cottage cheese laced with chick pea flour coating, pieces of cottage cheese are binded together with rich layer of fresh mint chutney. The fried fritters are loved by punjabi’s , you will also love this Punjabi food served with tomato ketchup and chilly chutney.

6. Kheer/ Phirni :- If you are in Amritsar and miss out a serving of kheer then this is real sorrow. The kheer is a mixture of rice, sugar, dry fruits cooked and boiled in milk. Served ice cold the kheer and phirni is perfect end to a perfect lunch/ dinner.