Best Time to Visit Taj Mahal

Millions of tourists come to Agra with a single goal of viewing the iconic Taj Mahal Tour. People say Taj Mahal looks beautiful at all times of the day and at any occasion. My personal opinion differs a bit the best time to visit the Taj Mahal depends on the season. We will discuss the best time to visit the Taj Mahal in various seasons.

Taj Mahal during summers: -The maximum temperature in Agra touches 45 degree Celsius and humidity is almost nil, meaning a very dry and scorching hot weather. Taj Mahal Agra is a huge monument where you have to walk a lot, most of the area is un shaded so just imagine if you are caught on the wrong foot and end up visiting Taj Mahal in the heat of the day. Well we are very sure you certainly won’t love the experience. During the summers the best time to come on Agra Tour Package for the visit the Taj Mahal is at the sunrise when the temperature is the lowest if some how you miss the sunrise and don’t have another day at Agra then make sure you visit the Taj Mahal at sunset. It may not be as soothing as the sunrise but you won’t have to face the brunt of scorching day sun.

The sunset sure is second best alternative for viewing the Taj Mahal Agra during the summer season. Do remember to wear your sunscreen while you visit the Taj Mahal as white marble reflects lots of sun making it difficult for your skin. Select the sun screen with high sun protecting factor (SPF).

Taj Mahal During monsoons Showers: -Monsoon in Agra means high temperature (upwards of 35 degree Celsius) and very high humidity. The weather during monsoon is mostly cloudy means chances are you want be able to see perfect sunrise during the monsoon time so if the sky is over cast then why bother to rise early rather rise a little late take shower, a leisurely breakfast and then visit Taj Mahal but make sure you do it before 10 am as it still gets awfully hot and humid after 12 and matters become worse when sun too pops in. As sunrise is mostly not possible during monsoon same is the case with sunset. But temperature does drop down during the later part of the day and you can visit Taj Mahal comfortably during evening.

Enjoy Taj Mahal during winters: - winter start in November with a very comfortable weather condition. The November is the most dry month of the year in Agra so you should make plan for Taj Mahal tour packages in October or November. Do make it a point to visit Taj Mahal on the sunrise the weather is perfect and so is the Taj Mahal Agra. If you are interested you can even plan a sunset visit too which is also great time to visit the Taj Mahal during this time of the year. The later part of December and January is very different a story the temperature dips and Agra becomes foggy. During this time of the year the city is usually enveloped in thick sheets of fog during the morning. Taj Mahal being on the riverside the fog is more pronounced so if you are visiting Agra late December and January then ask local people about prevailing weather condition and better still avoid sunrise. Go to the Taj Mahal after sun makes an appearance, the day weather during this time of the year is very pleasant and lovely. The light is the brightest during day and you will get the best snaps more so as it is open and airy in the Taj Mahal during day time you will get the best snaps. More so as it is open and airy in the Taj Mahal during day time with comfortable temperature you sure won’t require lots of woolens.

Taj Mahal Sunrise during spring: - The spring is again the best season to enjoy the fabulous taj Mahal when you can Taj Mahal Tour Plan.The skies are clear and sunrise is excellent, during the spring time again make sure you visit the Taj Mahal during sunrise. The gardens in spring are resplendent with lovely flowers making a visit really memorable. The day visit is also very enjoyable during the spring season similar is the sunset visit during the spring season.

Full moon night viewing of the Taj Mahal: - These days the Taj Mahal is open two days before the full moon night and two days after the full moon night. The full moon night visit is very much recommended but in our view the full moon night visit can never replace the day time visit to the Taj Mahal Agra. The day time visit you explore the entire Taj Mahal according to your will, you can visit the main marble mausoleum during the day time while night view the viewing is possible only from the platform next to the royal gate which is at a distance from the Taj Mahal Agra. The night view is just for half an hour but it is sure a different experience as the cool moon rays lay a poetic impact on the marble monument. The security considerations are high during the night visit and you are not allowed to be escorted and guided by a guide during the full moon night visit.