Shahjahan Spouse

Spouse is one who they are married to and are partners in life. There are several questions as how many wives did shahjahan had? Who was shahjahan spouse? Etc. often people know the story of Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal as they have heard about or seen the iconic Taj Mahal, but many are not aware that shahjahan’s first wife was Kandhari Begum and Mumtaz was his second wife but the most favourite.

Kandhari Begum : - Kandhari Begum was born in Afganistan in 1593 AD. She was the daughter of Muzaffar Husain and was married to Shahjahan in 1620 AD. Shahjahan married Mumtaz Mahal in 1612 AD two years later the marriage with Kandhari Begum thus she was the first wife of Shahjahan. Close to the Taj Mahal East Gate there is a way leading towards Dusshera Ghat where lies the tomb of Kandhari Begum. This tomb is in close proximity to the Sandali Mosque or Cat Mosque.

Mumtaz Mahal: - Mumtaz Mahal was the second wife of Shahjahan and was born on 27 April 1593. This fair lady was the daughter of Mirza Asaf Khan and granddaughter Mirza Giyas Beg. Her family hailed from Isfahan in Iran. Her real name was Anujamand and was married to Shahjahan on 10th May 1612 AD. She was given the epithet as Mumtaz Mahal which signify the exalted one of the palace.

By her wit and intellect she became the principal lady of the harem and bore 16 children to the emperor. The story of the iconic taj Mahal is linked with her death. As she died during the 16 the child birth in 1631 AD at Burhanpur in South India. Prior to her death she cherished the desire of the epitome of love which was fulfilled by her consort Shahjahan in the form of Taj Mahal.

Akbarabadi Begum: - Akabarabad Mahal Begum was another wife of Shajahan whose real name was IZZ-un-Nissa. She was married to Shahjahan in 1617 Ad and is also known as Sarhindi Begum. She built a mosque in Shahjahannabad which is called Akabarabadi Mosque.She died in 1666 AD.

Fatehpuri Begum: - While you enter the Taj Mahal through the west Gate you find a tomb in Red Sand Stone. This is the tomb of Fatehpuri Begum. Her tomb is known as Saheli Burj and not open. She also built a mosque in Chandani Chowk Delhi known as Fatehpuri Mosque.