Taj Mahal Inside

The Taj Mahal Agra is based on the synthesis of elegance, grandeur and spirituality. There are several questions raised such as what is hidden under the Taj mahal? Is there anything inside the Taj Mahal? Why 22 basement rooms of the Taj Mahal are sealed? You can have an insight about the Taj Mahal inside.

The Taj Mahal built on the bank of the River Yamuna bears the testimony of Mughal architecture. The iconic structure looms as a fairytale and bewilders the spectators at the very first glance. There has been so much penned dawn about the Taj Mahal by the visitors, by the scholars, historians and the poets. All opine on the aesthetic beauty and pleasures sought by the visit of the Taj Mahal. Shahjahan Taj Mahal is a live love written in white marble and is considered as a supreme tribute of a man for his consort. This white marble edifice can be equated with an ode to Mumtaj Mahal.

This structure is a living legend of love, human passions and art. Inside the Taj Mahal as you enter through the massive gateway (the Royal Gate) you get mesmerised with the sprawling gardens looking like a green carpet. The pure white marble structure is the magnetic attraction while the 2 subsidiary structures- the mosque and the guest house add to the beauty. There are two other structures in red sand stone similar to the mosque and the guest house. One of these houses a beautiful Mughal museum and the other on the opposite side is built for harmony. The museum has valuable artifacts and other exhibits at display.

The Arabic calligraphy done on the royal gate and the mausoleum is a prime attraction. This calligraphy is done from the holy verses of the Quranic Suras. The alcoves pilasters and the turrets adorn the beauty. The calligraphy is done in black marble and is a contrast to the white. The ambience of the Taj Mahal with lush green gardens running water channels the fountains and pervading serenity embrace the heart. There is a small place in the garden where the body of Mumtaj Mahal was put for burial while it was brought from Burhanpur. Later after the completion of the Taj Mahal it was exhumed and transfered to the final resting place.

As you step up climbing upstairs you enter the tomb where you see the graves of husband and wife together. The small one in the centre is of Mumtaj Mahal while the larger one offside is of the emperor Shahjahan. The beautiful garden scenes and the flower plants and the interiors and the extremes catch the attraction of the spectators. There is a fence of white marble encircling the graves. The lattice work looks similar to the wax work displaying entwined creepers and blooming flowers,other motifs.

The Taj Mahal inside decorations are mainly out of inlaid semiprecious stones. The precise work done in these floral motifs displays the deft handed nature of the artisans. The symmetry and geometry at the Taj Mahal are awesome. Similar is the case with the flooring the bulbous or onion cut dome compliment to the beauty of the Taj Mahal and up above the dome lofted Gold finial looks like embracing the sky.

There are so many controversies regarding the Taj Mahal Inside. There are gates leading down stairs towards Yamuna. These gates remains closed presently. The latest controversy is regarding the 22 underground rooms of the Taj Mahal. The archaeological Survey of India revealed the pictures of these 22 rooms and holds the opinion that there is no secret unrevealed in these closed rooms. Taj Mahal inside photo ASI you can visit in ASI January 2022 Newsletter PDF. They are made just as a part of the original structure. The A.S.I maintained these cells and replaced the old decaying line plaster.