Taj Mahal Security Check

The Taj Mahal is protected by CISF forces day and night and the outside area comes into the preview of the local police. Inside the Taj Mahal local intelligence units are also deployed. In the Taj Mahal male and female tourists go in separate lines for security checking. Similarly Indians and foreign nationals find place in separate lines. It all happens on account of security frisking. After purchasing your tickets at the counter or if you are holding e-tickets you need to produce the ticket at the entry Gate. Remeber that for Taj Mahal Tour children up to the age bracket of 15 years are exempted from the tickets. There is a long list of prohibited items to carry inside the Taj Mahal.

Forbidden items inside the Taj Mahal

Big Bags

Smoking items


Match box




Nail cutter








Worship material

Drone camera

Satellite phone

(Kindly check the the detailed list of prohibited items with the Archaelogical Survey of India website)

If you possess any such objects you better leave them in the car or deposit in the clock room. After getting in the que you need to walk slowly through the metal defect or (In case you have pace maker you are exempted). Now the tourists are physically searched and you better go with your mineral water bottle camera and mobile phone.

Claustrophobia in Taj Mahal

Claustrophobia is a mixed sensation of sweating, chills, trembling etc. Taj Mahal the iconic love monument has the inner tomb in dark where you have to walk and in the winter’s the marble floor is cold. You should tread on carefully inside the Taj Mahal. You will be already provided with overshoes as your enter the mausoleum