Best Time to visit Varanasi

Tourists get bewildered to visit the Varanasi heritage places and involve in the cultural activities. Indian travelers come to Varanasi on pilgrimage and to absolve from the sins. Similarly the overseas travelers come to this city for a culture shock. Before taking the tour plan the tourists are always in search of best time to visit Varanasi and thus design the tour plan like wisely.

Summer in Varanasi

The summer season in Varanasi starts with the month of April and ends in June. In these months the day time temperature remains between 35 to 45 degree Celsius. This time the scorch heat prevails. Thus this is not best time to visit Varanasi. Even if it is unavoidable and you have no other option but to choose this season, then go for the early morning and late evening sightseeing. The rest of the time you can spend by your hotel. Thus you can cope with the situation.

Monsoon in Varanasi

The monsoon in north India starts by the end of June and ends in the mid of September. Rains are always referred as generous boundries of nature. As William Shakespeare avers “it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven”. Signifying rain is the gentle gift of god. For the tourists who desireto visit the holy city of Varanasi in monsoons, it gives some relief from the scorching heat, but simultaneously much humidity prevails on the weather.

Winters in Varanasi

Obviously the winter is the most pleasant time of the year for Varanasi Tour Packages. The winter months starts from November to March. This time the days are short and the temperature drops down. Sometimes it dips down to 5 degree Celsius. It makes the westerners feel cozy and explore the highlights of the city in a better way.