Things To Do in Varanasi

If you are dreaming of Varanasi Tour Packages do not forget to include some niche activities in your Varanasi tour plan. This is the place where millions of scholars, culture seekers and religious devotees gather since times immemorial. The major attraction of Varanasi Holidays is the Ganges, thus a number of activities are centered around the Ganges. Morning boat cruise is a major activity in which at the time of dawn you enjoy the serenity and the brisk moment of your sailing boat on the ripples of the Ganges, Sometimes this boat can equipped with accompaniment of classical music. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape inhaling the soothing aroma.

Varanasi Tour without the mention of Ganga Aarti ceremony is incomplete. At the end of the day you spend few hours at the Ganges for being witness to the grand Ganga Aarti. Her you get to see the rituals performed to appease the duty. The Ganga is considered to be a purification of human embodiment. The devoted priests blow couch shell (Sankh) and give a clarion call. The religious sermons from the holy texts are recited and the thousands of Aarti dais flicker. This is certainly a nice spectacle to be a spectator and to catch it through your camera.

Another attraction of the city is to take holy bath in the river and to perform Hindu sacraments, later you can savour Varanasi street chaat and other delicacies. Going to Varanasi and coming back without the flavors of paan means missing something great.

Varanasi is famed across the globe for its long heritage of Ghats. These Ghats present before you age old traditions and the traditional way of cremation of the bodies. You can see lots of corpse being cremated and this will really make you stunned. After the visit of Ghats do not forget to see the old and colorful bazaars of Varanasi where you can shop until you drop.