Varanasi History

The Hindu mythology mentions about the making of Varanasi as how this city came into existence. It says that lord shiva is the founder of the city. The scriptures narrated about the strife between the 2 principal deities of the trinity- Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. The mythology goes like this that in the battle Lord shiva tore one of the four heads of lord Brahma and carved it as carved it as a war trophy. During your Varanasi Tour Packages you can learn about Varanasi History and culture through the mouthpiece of Varanasi Tour Guide. As Shiva approached Varanasi lord head dropped down and this led to the vanishing of all sins. Since then this land is considered to be absolving from the past sins. Besides the mythology archeological evidence proves the history of the city dating back to 2000 BCE. It is considered to be the land of the Vedas of the Aryans.

With the coming of 1st century kashi saw the infrastructural development. Many prominent sages and hermits came to the city in the guest of divine truth. Notable social thinker and poet Kabirdas was born in Kashi and this land urged him to pen down his shabd. Jagatguru Shankracharya and many other saints visited the city time to time some mughal emperor like Akbar donated for the construction of some temples. Maharaja Ranjeet Singh also donated tons of gold to kashi Vishwanath temple. Varanasi became a state under Raja in 19th Century who made ramnagar as his capital and founded a fort at this place. After the independence of India it is submerged in to the Indian Republic. This city is famed for being the constituency of the present Prime Minister –Sh. Narendra Modi .