Things to Shop in Jaipur

Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise, as a tourist there are numerous sorts of souvenirs you can buy from Jaipur. These articles bear a stamp of the finesse of the Jaipur artisans. These are few of the things you can buy on your Jaipur tour


Coming to Jaipur Jewellery is first choice amongst things to buy in Jaipur. Surat is famous as a centre of expertise in Diamond cutting and shaping, likewise Jaipur is famous as a centre for cutting and shaping precious stones like emerald. Lady Diana when she came to Jaipur was enthralled by the crafts men ship of the Jaipur jeweler she loved the emerald in particular, you can buy gemstones on your Jaipur tour, apart from gem stones you can buy jewellery studded with precious gems. The art of enamel jewellery is another very famous thing in jewellery craft. Enamel is the art of fusing shiny colours to the gold jewellery. Traditionally it was done in red and green now other colours are also very much in vogue. This art is called “meenakari” in local parlance. Another famous jewellery art is the art of Kundan Jewellery. This is the art of uncut diamond studded in gold foils. You can buy souvenir like a dancing peacock accomplished in enamel art work. There are many famous jewellery houses in Jaipur infact Johari Bazaar a market is famous for jewellery trade. On your Jaipur tour you can buy jewellery as a souvenir.

India and its textiles are very famous worldwide

Jaipur though is not a manufacturing hub of textiles but still it is very famous as a destination. On your Jaipur tour package you can buy bed sheets, pillow covers, ethnic rajasthani dresses etc. Jaipur and its surrounding area like Sanganer and Bagru are famous for its excellent designs and block prints on bed sheets .You can even try your hand on a textile work shop displaying live block printing techniques.

If you are interested you can buy traditional ethnic clothing like ladies” ghagra choli and dupatta” exquisitely done in bhandej (tie and dye prints) in myriad of colours.

Another favourite item to be bought from Jaipur is the Lahariya saari. Saari is the world famous ladies draping from India, a simple cloth around five metres in length, it comes in so many amazing colors and designs. The lehriya means the serpentine design saree in various designs and colours and material , You can buy a Jaipuri lahariya saree in as little as 200ks or even at 20,000 rs the rates depend upon the material. The designs are exotic and ethnic.

Another very famous item from Jaipur is the Jaipuri rajai

In India the winters are not very extreme most of the north Indian homes are not centrally heated, Indians use a quilt known as rajaai to keep warm. speciality of jaipuri rajaai or the quilt is its fabric and the weight. The jaipuri rajaai are super light weight. Most of the wealthy norths Indians have exquisite jaipuri rajaai in their bed linen wardrobe for sure. Indian tourists especially never forget to pick up their favorite jaipuri rajaai while they are on their Jaipur tour.

Jaipur Hand Knotted Carpets

while you tour Jaipur city palace museum you sure will notice some very old pieces of mughal rugs at display. The Mughals perfected the art of carpet making as all their palaces used to be wall to wall carpeted. The art of carpet making came from Persia and Turkey to India, Thin slender fingers of ladies make the best carpets. The rates of a carpet depends upon the material and the finesse of the hand craft. The more the knots per square centimeter the higher the price. The material can be silk upon silk ,or silk upon wool, or wool upon wool. The silk upon silk is the most costliest ,a standard 6 feet x 9 feet silk upon silk carpet will cost upwards of 200000, while the same wool upon wool will be a mere 30000 INR. The carpet workshops at Jaipur will show you the entire art of carpet making in detail. Jaipur is a big centre of carpet export, you can buy a favorite carpet while being on your Jaipur tour.

On your Agra tour you can buy the marble handicraft and beautiful coasters, jewellery boxes, table tops embellished with the art of pietra dura . In local language it is called “Pacchi Kari” This art is practiced today only in Agra, here too the new generation of these artisans is not ready to take up this family vocation further as other jobs are in comparison better paying so in a way the tourists are contributing in preserving this age old art.


Almost all the star hotels in Jaipur and the restaurants host a live puppet show for their guests. The puppet which is called “Kath Putli” is a wooden doll controlled with strains of strings by the puppeteer. Amazing tales of valour and folk lore are told upon in these puppet shows which enthrall not only the child audience but adult tourist as well. On your Jaipur tour you can buy a Rajasthani puppet which will always remind you of rajasthan and Jaipur in particular.

Rajasthani Miniature Jaipuri Paintings

While you are touring the famous city palace in jaipur you will notice a gallery where the live exhibition of miniature painting is done. The skilled painters make small pieces of miniature painting right in front of you. These paintings are based on various classical topics like Indian Gods & Goddesses, Mughal kings and Indian maharajas, scenes of a hunt. You can buy these Jaipuri miniature paintings while you tour the pink city Jaipur.

Blue Pottery & Jaipuri Moorti

Jaipur is a very famous center for the manufacture of the idols of various Indian gods & goddesses in various forms. These idols are mostly made in marble. These marble statues are transported and sold in all parts of India so if you are interested is having a statue of Buddha or a Ganesha the god of good luck then you can buy the same on your Jaipur Sightseeing.

Jaipur off late has also been famous for the blue pottery shops. Not much in particular is known about how this craft reached Jaipur but on the Amer road there are many business enterprises selling the blue pottery wares. You can buy vases, pans etc in blue pottery. You can also attend live workshops on blue pottery over here.

Rajasthani Ethnic Jooties

The ethnic jaipur footwear is very famous an item. You can buy the ethnic footwear on road side at Bapu bazaar or even in an up market shopping arcade. The ethnic footwear known as “Mojdi” comes in various colors and draping for the ladies. The ladies sandals are decorated with beads, mirrors, leather based embroidery, while the gents footwear are more sober and in fewer designs. You can buy your favorite design on Jaipur tour.

Lac Bangles

The Shringar of an Indian lady is never complete without bangles while the glass bangles all come from Firozabad a small town near Agra. Jaipur is famous for its “lac ‘bangles. These lac bangles come in various colors and are adorned with small mirrors. They are very much liked and loved by the Indian ladies. The tourists never forget to visit a jaipur bazaar to purchase a pair of lac bangles and kadas (bracelets).