Agrasen Ki Baoli Delhi

Delhi has much more to offer than just those typified monuments which are found mentioned in thousands of itineraries in the web. Agrasen ki Baoli in New Delhi is one such monument which is not normally included in the itinerary of the tourists visiting Delhi. If you are interested in exploring something not very popular then agrasen ki baoli is an excellent spot for you.

Location: -The Agrasen ki Baoli is situated near the famous Connaught place area very near to the kasturba Gandhi marg and Tolstoy marg. You can include this famous place in your Delhi Tour Itinerary.

History and architecture: - The word Baoli means a water spot in ancient times the stepped water holes were called Baoli. These stepped wells were made in areas where water table is usually very low apart from the stepped well these water holes had multiple storied architecture. This structure was used as living spare.

The name of this step well is on the name of an ancient king Agrasen, but looking at the structures the architectures has a lot of influence of the Islamic architecture. The flowing arches in every successive story certainly are Islamic influenced. There are 108 steps leading to the water table. The structure is made up of lime stone fused together with mortar. The Baoli does not appears very impressive from the ground level bit as you go down the stairs the structure is impressive. Till few years ago this place was a den of the drug addicts, it was all strewn with garbage. As archeological survey of India declared it is a conserved monument. The garbage was all cleared and the extensive repair work has done today the monument is taken good care and appears impressive.

The local residents also speak about the baoli being haunted. Some suicides happened at this step well since then the visitors claim to see the apparitions, they also came to have experienced the strong eerie pressure of super natural. These are personal views not corroborated by scientific fudings.