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Delhi Religious Tour Itinerary

India, a land of diversities- the diversity of religion, caste, creed, languages, ethnicity, presents a kaleidoscopic view to the vacationers across the globe. More than 1.3 billion inhabitants practicing various religions live in perfect mental harmony and peace. Delhi the capital city of India is famous for cosmopolitan culture. In this short activity tour, we take you to experience the religious practices of the Indians by paying visits to the religious shrines of the Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Muslims, etc. Thus you can have a better understanding of the ethos of various religions their rituals and religious shrines.

In this specially designed tour program, you will inhale the essence of the divinity of Delhi with your expert tour guide. You will start the tour when we will pick you from the hotel in Delhi at 8:30 or at your desired time and you will first visit the Birla Temple complex where you would gain the deep insight into Hindu Religion. You get to know about the Trinity in Hinduism which comprises of 3 principle deities-Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha. Brahma is considered the originator of the universe, Vishnu as the regulator or the feeder and Shiva as the Salvatore. You came across various Hindu Rituals.

Later you move to visit the iconic Jama Masjid which is the biggest mosque of India. Here the tour guide would explain to you about Islam, the practice of Namaz (Prayer), Mimber and other important beliefs of Islam besides explaining the architecture of the Jama Masjid. Now you head to visit a famous cathedral of Delhi where you get to know about Christianity. Finally, we take you to a Sikh Temple Gurudwara. Sikh is fifth largest religion of this world , Here you get to know about this newest religion and its basic philosophy. The tour guide will also explain to you about the community Kitchen services in the Gurudwara.

The last but not the least is a visit to the Bahai place of worship-popularly known as Lotus temple, The building is in the shape of a full bloom lotus flower and is visible from almost entire South Delhi. You can worship and read any scripture of your choice and faith inside the Bahai temple.

You are advised to wear casual clothes on this tour and avoid wearing shorts. You are suggested to cover your arms and legs. You are advised to follow the advice of your tour guide. At the end of your tour, we will drop you to the hotel

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Location : Delhi
Trip : 01 Day
Min Age : 05
Max Age : 99
Max people : 10+ Members
Landing : Delhi
Check in : Any Day
Check Out : Any Day
Identity Proof : Any Government Id
Visa : Required
Birla Temple
Jama Maszid
Lotus Temple
Explore The Religious Essence Of Delhi
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