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Taj Mahal Itinerary

If you intend to travel U.S to India or from any other part of the world like from UK to India or Australia to India and at Delhi Airport, we can provide you short trip to Taj Mahal just on a short notice you can book the tour. You need not to change USD to INR as you can pay us online. For the tourists who have limited time to travel to Agra and explore the Taj Mahal Tour Packages, we can arrange a Taj Mahal day tour from Delhi everyday in a week except Friday.

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Location : Agra
Trip : 01 Day
Min Age : 05
Max Age : 99
Max people : 10+ Members
Landing : Delhi
Check in : Any Day
Check Out : Any Day
Identity Proof : Any Government Id
Visa : Required
Govt. approved tour guide
All applicable taxes
Lunch at an Indian restaurant
Entrance to monuments
Video Camera fee
Tipping / Gratuties if any.
Taj Mahal
Red Fort

Taj Mahal Tour Itinerary

  • 7: 00 Am : Delhi Tour Agra
    Early morning after breakfast you are driven in a private luxury car from the hotel in Delhi. By using the Expressway Highway for all around 2 and the half hour later you reach Agra.
    10: 00 Am : Arrival in Agra
    On arrival in Agra you are welcomed and assisted by us. After freshening up your guided tour of the Taj Mahal Tour Packages.
    The Taj Mahal, an epitome of love was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan for his wife Mumtaj Mahal who died during the child birth in 1630CE. Six month's later her death this great project was embarked on by the emperor and it took 22 years time to complete, The Taj Mahal was completed in 1653 at a cost of nearly 3 million rupees. The Taj is a real wonder on account of symmetry, geometrical calculations and grandiose structure. The precise stone inlaying work done in the marble with semi precious stone is eye catching.
    The makrana marble used in the Taj changes the colour with the sunlight and the stones sparkle.

    The Taj Remains closed on Each friday

    After the visit the of Taj Mahal is over you are invited for lunch at an Indian restaurant. After lunch you proceed to visit the Agra Fort with the expert guide. You enter through the Massive Amar Singh Gate and visit the famous Jahangeeri Palace, Dewaan-i- Am, Dewaan-i-Khaas, Khas Mahal, Angoori Bagh etc.
    After Agra Fort you visit the local markets and drive back to Delhi in the same car. (If you desire to spend one more day in Agra, you can choose Agra Overnight Tour and we can customize it accordingly.)

Know before Taj Mahal Visit

What is the Taj Mahal Opening Time?

Often people doubt about the Taj Mahal visiting time. The vacationers always look for the Taj Mahal opening time tomorrow or today. The easiest way to check the timings is to check the sunrise and sunset timings in Agra on your Agra tour. Thus you can make easy arrangments for Taj Mahal visit. The Taj Mahal Agra timings are from Sunrise to the Sunset. The Taj Mahal opens half an hour before the Sunrise. The tourists think that the Taj Mahal remains closed on Sunday, but reality is that Taj Mahal is open on Sunday. On all national holidays and festivals it remains open. It opens half an hour before sunrise and remains open up to the sunset on all week days except Friday. It does not open in the nights except for the full moon viewing.

The cost of admission to the Taj Mahal for Indian citizens is it is Rs 250/- for SAARC / BIMSTEC nationals it is Rs.750 for other nationals Rs.1300/-. Taj Mahal entry tickets are valid only for 3 hours duration. Taj Mahal moon light tickets can be booked only offline with ASI Agra office. Moon light viewing of the Taj Mahal is not open during the corona pandemic till further orders. Read the Taj Mahal Timings and tickets booking steps for online ticket booking in the blog.

During the corona pandemic Archaeological Survey of India made the process to book the Taj Mahal entry tickets online. There was no provision to sell offline tickets. As a vacationer if you are planning a trip to the Taj Mahal you can book the entry tickets of Taj Mahal online yourself. This would free you from the hassle of being in the queue for long. You can follow the simple steps only for Taj Mahal but for other monuments also.

  • Step A – You need to log in the Official Website of Taj Mahal
  • Step B – You come on the homepage and click on the button “Taj Mahal Timing”
  • Step C – By clicking you will be directed to the page Heritage Monuments of India
  • Step D – Now select monument date and time.
  • Step E – Next you select the category and country.
  • Step F – Now enter you details such as name, gender, age and id.
  • Step G – Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Step H – Now enter card details and make payment.
  • Step I – After the payment, ticket will be displayed.
  • Step J – Print to ticket for your record.
  • No you are not allowed to go with shoes, you are supposed to cover your shoes with the overshoes. Otherwise you have to leave the shoes before entering the main white marble tomb.

    So far as the mausoleum is conceived there are no pictures of Shahjahan and Mumtaj Mahal. Obviously you can see some miniatures of the emperor and consort in the Taj museum which opens at 9:00 am.

    As far as the inner part of Taj Mahal is conceived no activity performance is allowed. In the surroundings of the Taj Mahal you can visit the Taj nature walk and find the avion species and the great spectacle of the Taj Mahal.

    Avoid visiting the Taj Mahal at dawn during the hazy days of December end and January months. During the summer time do not miss to visit the Taj at sunrise and this beat the crowds. Keep some water bottles and overshoes Book the Taj Mahal tickets well in advance. Hire a knowledgeable approved tour guide.

    As a tourist you are not allowed to offer prayers inside the mosque. Its only the local Agra muslims are.

    Of course, Shahjahan was able to construct the Taj during his life time unfortunately Mumtaj was not able to see it as it was made only after her death.

    No there is no artificial illumination at the Taj. It is open for the tourists during day time on account of security of the Taj and safety of Taj marble sodium lights or other forms of big lights are not allowed.

    There are two car parkings near Taj Mahal- one is in shilpgram on Taj Mahal East Gate another at Amrud ka teela on Taj Magal West Gate. Both are almost 900 meters away from the monument and its parking fee is 100 INR almost one and dollar. From here you have to take a battery operated vehicle which would leave you 500 meter before Taj and from there you have to walk There is a water cooler inside the Taj from where you can have water

    There are two entry gates-the eastern and western and they have check points where you have to go security frisking .They do not allow to carry big bags ,food ,newspaper,magazines,smoking items, electronic items, tripod etc. Besides you are not allowed to carry satellite phone and dron camera in the Taj. They got safety deposit where you can deposit the stuff.

    If you are looking for booking Taj Mahal tour guide you can do it online with any good tour operator in Agra which is approved by Indian Association of Tour operator (IATO) or you can book it with Govt of Indian tourist office. In Agra you can hire English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese Guides.

    The sunrise visit of Taj Mahal is spectacular as the white marble changes colours and you will be awe stricken for the visit you plan to leave the hotel 45 minutes before sunrise similarly to catch the best view of sunset. You can plan going to Mehtab Bagh and thus you can also get the rear view of the Taj at the dusk you get the best Pictures while the ivory white colour changes to butter cup yellow.

    Often asked question is that whether the Taj Mahal opens in the night for your information this opens on the full moon day in the month and two days prior and two days later on the full moon .AS per the order of Honorable Supreme Court of in a group of 50 people. You have to book the Tickets one day in advance with the Archaeological survey of India.

    There is no certain dress code but you can wear the clothes which are customary to Indian culture. If you travel in the winter month it is advisable to wear light woolen or full sleeve shirts and in the summers time you can clad yourself in shorts.

    You have to start one hour before sunrise from your hotel so that you reach before the dawn Take the pictures of the rising sun as you enter the fore court and later from the royal guest house corner .You can take the advantage of the water canals by getting the reflection and try to find. Symmetrical points inside the Taj. Your local tour guide can assist you in taking the best pictures.

    The Taj Mahal is the supereme mannifestation of a human for his spouse. This white marble edifice is perfectly engineered and is highly hornet with the art work out of semi-precious stones. This work appears like paintings but in reality this is all out of stones embedded in the white marble. Taj Mahal Specialties Taj Mahal specialties are the symmetry which makes the Taj Mahal entirly proportional from all directions. The beautiful four quartered gardens add charm to the love monument.

    Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal love story gave the theme for the construction of the Taj Mahal. Mumtaz Mahal, the consort of Shahjahan and paramour of beauty died during child birth. Before her demise at the time of delivery pains she had the promise from her husband to erect some memorial cenotoph as a love token. This last desire of the lady was fulfilled by the husband emperor in the form of the Taj Mahal.

    After the second wave of corona pandemic and a long closure of the Taj Mahal & other monuments, the Govt. of India is planning to reopen the Taj Mahal from 16th June 2021. In the post covid time you have to follow some safety norms. Better if you are vaccinated you can travel. you ask the tour operator to provide the tour guide and drivers who are vaccinated having safety gear such a face mask and sanitized vehicles. You can plan such tour with less touch downs.

    Normally after the sunset the doors of the Taj Mahal are closed and the C.I.S.F security guards patrol. No tourists are allowed to entry. Only on the full moon night and 2 days prior and 2 days after the full moon, tourists are allowed to visit it at night. But for this you have to book the tickets in advance.

    Often the tourists are confused about the location of the Taj Mahal. Whether it is in Delhi or Agra. The Taj Mahal is in Agra city of uttar Pradesh state in India. This is a five piece of aesthetic art and is based on the fusion of Indo-Islamic art.

    No one lives inside the Taj Mahal except the security persons in the night. it is not a palace. It is a moseleum for Mumtaz Mahal built by Shahjahan. Later Shahjahan was also entombed inside it with his wife.

    It depends whether you want to do a day trip from Delhi or Jaipur. Similar if you plan for overnight Agra Tour price range can different. Normally if you plan for 1 day trip to Taj Mahal from Delhi it would cost you INR 8000 with sedan and guided tour. If you want to book 1 overnight tour price can go to 12000 Rs with hotel stay. In case you are in Agra and you want to enjoy half day guided tour of Taj Mahal with shopping it will cost you INR 5000/-.

    Agra city has a domestic Airport but it has limited flights you can do Taj Mahal tour by Air from Bangaluru or Mumbai easily.

    Of course you can make a plan for Taj Mahal day trip from Delhi by car or by train. You can book taxi right from the Airport or your hotel in Delhi and can enjoy round trip within 12 hours. Another option is to do Agra day trip by train. If you prefer to do day trip Agra by Gatimaan Express you can easily visit Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and spare time for lunch stop and shopping spree. In case you decide to travel by Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi express. You can make a full day Agra tour including Taj Mahal Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri.

    So far as Agra as a travel destination is concerned you need to book 2 days Agra tour. This gives you ample of time to visit the famous highlights of Agra tour. In case you have time crunch you can do one day Agra tour in which you can cover the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

    Same Day Agra tour is most convenient for those travellers who have limitation of time and budget. Agra same day tour from Delhi can be done by car or by train. In case you desire to do same day Agra tour from Jaipur car is the best option as the luxury tourist trains facilitie between Agra Jaipur are merge.

    There is a time limitation of 3 hours for Taj Mahal visit. An ideal Taj mahal tour takes nearly 2 and half hours.

    It all depends which month you prefer to visit the iconic Taj Mahal. Barring themonth of December and January sunrise is the best time for Taj mahal tour as it remains less crowdy and you get Instagram worthy pictures of the Taj Mahal bathed in golden hue for December and January you decide Taj Mahal visit from 10 to 4:30 P.M. Similary during the monsoon period if is unpredictable about the rain showers. So you decide the Taj Mahal tour keeping in mind the weather conditions. During the summer months you can either prefer visiting Taj Mahal at dawn or dusk.

    Yes obviously Agra is well connected with expressway from Lucknow. You can hire a car for Taj Mahal tour from Lucknow round trip.

    For planning the best Taj Mahal day tour from Delhi, you get the itinerary and quote from the top tour operators in Agra. You check what are the inclusions such as tour guide, car rental and lunch provision. You need to double check whether monument tickets are included in the package and if there is not any hidden charges. After getting the travel plan you book the tour and pass your travel information to the tour operator, better get ready for early morning drive from Delhi which gives you ample of time for sightseeing.

    You have plethora of Taj Mahal car rental from Delhi. There are same conducted tours run by K.T.C India private ltd, southern travels, redbus, travel house express etc. In case you want car hire for Taj mahal private tour you can choose samedaytours car rental services.

    Kohinoor literally means the mountain of light. The Kohinoor diamond is considered as the largest diamond of the world which weigh nearly 105 carates. It was mined in Golkunda. The legends say it belonged to Pandawas. Later on it came with the dynasty of Gwalior and form there went to the Mughals. This diamand was the favorite diamond of Shahjahan for the long time time it remained with Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. Finally in the british era it was gifted to the British crown. Presently it is in England.

    This celebrated throne of Shahjahan was located in the Red Fort Delhi. It is called as the Peacock throne as 2 Peacock figuers are depicted in the rear. It was purely made of Gold with millions of precious stone studded in it. In 17th century it adorned the Deewan-A-Khan of Shahjahan. It was named as Takht-A-Tauz and this concept was derived from king Solomen's Takht-E-Sulaiman which shows the king as the supreme and just ruler. This imperial throne was plundered by Nadir Shah in of Iran in 1739 and after the murder of Nadir Shah in 1947 it was dismantled, Presently same fragments are intact in the museum of Royal Palace of Tehran.

    On account of the loss of his beloved Mumtaz Mahal, Shajahan started to live aloof in the Agra fort. His overambitious third son Aurangzeb seized the opportunity and after killing his three brothers made his father a house captive. Thus Shahjahan had to live in the Musamman Burj of Agra Fort in a state of morbidity. From this place he used to gaze at the Taj Mahal and recall the time of his hey day.

    The love monument Taj Mahal is a piece of respect and a thing of beauty which creates joy by watching it. Less known fact is that during the British regime it was put on action twice but somehow this sacrilege was averted and we are lucky enough to see it.

    Similarly Mothilsh Kumar Srivastav alias Natawarlal who is known for his fraudulent activities. Natwarlal is supposedly sold the Taj Mahal, Rashtrapati Bawan and some other buildings. He did it twice. He did it by forging the signatures.

    As such there is not much mystery to unravel. The controversy emerged after a British Ideologist Vincent Smith wrote a book and shared a picture with the gate facing towards Yamuna in 1911. This gate was made of wood which was later closed by the A.S.I during the flood. The basement chambers remains closed where both Shahjahan and Mumtaz Mahal are interred. Due to the excess of carbon dioxide of methane and for the safety of the art work the rooms remain closed.

    In a recent move the government of India has transferred the upkeep of Taj Mahal & Agra fort to Jal Shakti Ministry. Earlier the sanitation work was done by other agencies. Just to improve the standard of cleanliness at these world heritage sites the government decided to include them under swach bharat mission and then handed over sanitation work to the Jal Shakti ministry. Thus the ministry in change is going to improvise the norms for cleanliness and develop new and modern facilities for the tourists. This would catch to better tourism friendly environment. Thus more domestic and foreign tourists would be attracted.

    The other monuments and places which have been taken over for this reason include the famous Bankey Bihari Temple at Vrindavan, Ajanta caves, Kumbhalgarh fort, Gol kunda fort, Sanchi stupa, Konark Temple, rock garden , Dal lake etc.

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