Wedding Tourism in India- Destination Wedding Udaipur, Jaipur

Destination Wedding Tourism Udaipur, Jaipur

Wedding tourism is also referred as marriage tourism or destination wedding. Indian wedding industry claims to be nearly 60 billion USD. Some popular wedding destinations in India are Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Agra, Goa, Shimla, Andaman, Khajuraho, Kerla, etc. Wedding tourism is a nascent trend which is gained much popularity on India over the years. The weddings in India are extravagant events full of rituals and elegant celebration. You can make your wedding a life time memory with S.A.M Tours & Travels. India is a land of varieties with the populace of all major religious thus the wedding traditions of all religious differ from each other In India marriage is a sacrament and it is considered as an union of two individuals- body and soil together.

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How to plan for Wedding

  • Make wedding checklist
  • Finalize your budget
  • Decide a suitable venue
  • Finalize the date
  • Arrange photo shoot
  • Find Caterer
  • Destination Wedding theme- The first question comes in your mind before planning a destination wedding anywhere in the world, whether it is an Indian wedding theme, royal wedding, nawabi wedding, cultural wedding, Rajasthani wedding, romantic wedding etc.
  • Advance booking – whether you plan a small wedding or a big destination wedding everything you have to done in advance to avoid any last minute hassle as in the pular cities of India hotels, transports, event companies are busy throughout the year.
  • Destination Wedding venue- You have to fix your wedding venue and location in advance as the prime locations are always pre-booked.
  • Priest/ saint bookings
  • Tent decorators booking
  • DJ booking, dance troupes booking
  • Special dinners and events
  • Program list and guest list should be prepare in advance
  • Band Booking
  • Barat procession and welcoming part
  • Mehndi ceremony, ladies sangeet
  • Shopping of jewelry and clothing
  • Cocktail/ dinner party
  • Honeymoon night
  • Vidai
  • Hassle free Destinations wedding with SAM Tours & Travels

    If you are in a looking for Exotic Wedding Destinations or Royal Wedding we can cater to your need of elogment Destination Weddings Udaipur. The theme wedding in India and catching up with the couples of modern generations. This has been very popular in west and over the times allure the Indians masses. They provide great guest and host experience. We keep the choice of both partner’s on the top priority.

    We have plenty of options foryour dream destination weddings and have a wide collaboration with hotel chains and transporters. Our dedicated team of wedding planners are ready to cater to your need 24x7 and make sure you get the best experience we understand well you expectations and emotions.

    We leave no stare untuned in pre and post wediing events like mehndi, sangeet, cocktail, photoshoot, bidai etc you can just send us detail what location you want to select. We are able to arrange in the fabled beaches of Goa or Andaman, a Royal wedding in Udaipur or Jaipur weddings our team can advise you the best shopping experience and turning up with the traditional attires.

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