Agra Cultural Activities

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Kalakriti Live show

You can experience the daily live show at book Kalakriti Cultural show & Covention center. Enjoy this Saga of love “Mohobbat the Taj”. Here you see the world’s largest replica of the Taj in different colours and moods with the accompaniment of modern techniques of light and music. This show starts at 6:45 P.M and one has to report 15min before to take seat in the auditorium.

Sound and Light show in Agra Fort

For you there is a daily sound and light show at the Agra fort. This show explains to you the life and deeds of the mughal rulers you come to know their pomp and glory and the cultural aspects of the then period. The show in Hindi commences at 6 and ends at 7pm. The same show in English starts at 7 and ends at 8 pm.

Kitchen Class Experience

On request we organize a special Indian food and cooking class or kitchen class under the supervision of an experienced and renowned teacher. You can witness the live demonstration and have the practical experience of preparing some north and south Indian dishes. On the culmination of the class you are provide with notes and some cooking items. The duration of the class would be nearly 2-3 hours.

Special Yoga Class

For those guests who come to Agra and are interested to learn Yoga, we provide a yoga class under the supervision of a well trained yoga teacher. This is normally arranged in the morning before breakfast and the session goes on for around 2 hours.

Old City Walk Tour

We have designed this one day activity tour in Agra to introduce to you the old heritage of the Agra city. For this tour we take our guest in an electric rickshaw. Tour starts from a point close to the Agra Fort. First we show you the library of Darashikoh. Darashikoh was the eldest prince of the mughal emperor Aurangzeb and he was a great scholar. The impressing library of Dara is having an operational School now. We show you same havelis and temples. The impressive is the Mankameshwar temple dedicated to lord Shiva. You enjoy the busy and bustling bazaars of Agra. You also get to see the spice market.

Beep Uncensored- A Gastropub

This is a newly started activity in Agra which is located not very far from the Taj Mahal. By booking this activity you enjoy the lavish dining experience in the air. This can be done at the breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

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