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History of Ayurveda : - The word Ayurveda is based on the synthesis of two Sanskrit words – Ayur and Veda. Ayur (Ayush) signifies life and Veda means knowledge. Thus the word Ayurveda literally signifies the knowledge of life, anatomy of body and longevity. This is traditional Indian system of remedy from ailments mentioned in the Atharva Veda. It has the concept of better balance of body system. It is age old Indian medicinal system which is based on special therapies such as herbal medicines, yoga, meditation, enemas spa and herbal oils. Even the old Ayurveda texts describe some surgical intervention for same ailments. Dhan Vantavi is considered to be the father of Ayurveda. The legends say that the Ayurvedic knowledge is transferred by the demi gods to the ancient saints and these saints disseminated this knowledge to the humanity for the better cause.

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Sushruta is a renowned Ayurvedic Indian physician who is known as the father of Indian surgery as well as the inventor of plastic surgery. He wrote the famous text “Sushruta Samhita” and he quotes that Dhanvantani the god of Ayurveda become the king of Varanasi and taught Ayurveda to a group of physicians including him. Charaka was another great Ayurvedacharya who wrote Charaka Samhita which is a basic medicine he dates back to 2nd century BCE. Ayurveda is an upveda which is associated with Rig Veda and Atharva Veda. There are other branches of Ayurveda such as Vriksha Ayurveda and Pashu Chikitsa. Ayurveda also mentions the surgeries done with Anesthesia. Shushruta Samhita mentions nearby 300 surgical procedues. Ayurvedic doctors are known as B.A M S which is a 5 year course like M.B.B.S.

7 Chakras and Dhatus in Ayurveda

7 Chakras: - They refer to different power centers inside the human body, which correlates with the specific nervous system. These chakras run from the spinal base to the top of the head. These Chakras are named Muladhara(Root Chakra), Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra), Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra), Anahata (Heart Chakra), Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) Ajna (Third Eye), Sahasrara (Crown Chakra).

7 Dhatus in Ayurveda: - In Ayurveda there are 7 Dhatus – Rasa, Rakta, Mamsa, Meda, Asthi, Majja and Sukhra. Rasa denotes Plasma, Rakta is blood, Mamsa signifies muscle, Meda means fat, Asthi is bone, Majja is bone marrow and Sukhra denotes reproductive fluid. Rasa is found in water, Rakta dhatu has primary element of fire. Earth or soil makes Mamsa, Asthi gives the body strength. Majja is the neuro system and related with brain. Sukhra causes energy and life force.

Ayurveda Tourism

Thus this vast knowledge of the Vedic scriptures comes on land and stalled flourishing every nook and corner. In modern times Ayurvedic treatment is gaining much importance not only in India but in the western world also where people get rejuvenation by different practices such as Dhara, Kayakalpa, Sweda Karma any sort of touring for health related purpose is known As Ayurveda tourism.

So far as Ayurveda Tourism is considered Indian state of Kerala tops the list. This term of Ayurveda Tourism is coined few decades back but it is deep rooted in Kerala traditions. This Indian state has plenty of Ayurvedic Medical colleges and hospitals to cater to the needs of localities and the visiting tourists. This medicinal treatment is based on a famous text – Ashtanga Hridaya written by a Buddist scholar Vagabhatla. He prescribes Panchkarma treatment which is based on oil, milk, herbs, honey and special diet. Some popular off shoots of Ayurveda are yoga, meditation and Reiki.

Ayurveda Tourism in India

While you are on Ayurveda tourism in kerala you can avail different types of treatments such as shirodhara, Abhyanga Snan Karnapoorana etc. Thus you can get overall fitness and wellness. This is the best way of immunization. Indian Ayurveda tourism has acclaimed a wide acceptance and fame across the globe over the years.

The present day problems of hypertension, diabetes, piles etc are caused due to the overstress, so the masses are turning towards naturopathic treatment of Ayurveda and the yogic traditions. Patanjali trust of Baba Ramdev and Yogarcharya Balkrishna is doing a great job in rendering the service to the human welfare. The tour of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is another great destination for Ayurveda tourism and treatment. You can select the best deals on yoga, meditation and spa in Rishikesh. You can find the top luxury spas in Rishikesh and in the wellness centers you can get the best naturopathy course. Patanjali Yog Peeth is a wonderful place to find the natural products and Ayurvedic drugs. The naturopathy center of this Peeth is awesome. It’s mega showroom has the display of all the items manufactured and sold.

Besides Patanjali Rishikesh abounds in yoga and Ayurveda centers and the number goes to more than 300. Most of these centers are located around Muni Ki Reti and Lakshman Jhoola area. Thus Rishikesh has the epithet as the yoga capital of the world.

How Ayurveda is Best Option of Wellness Tourism?

This is a quiet nascent term of wellness tourism. The tourism or travel for the sake of mental, physical and psychological belt event is called as wellness tourism. Ayurveda and yoga is one of the most sought after way of wellness tourism. Wellness treatments include weight management, meditation, stress relief healthy diet and physical exercise. Ayurveda prescribe all the better ways for such things. If you are beauty conscious, you can find special massages, spa with special oils and creams.

Wellness tourism is attaining popularity all over the world and lots of people travel to India for the wellness courses. India abounds in wellness resorts which offer short term program to relieve you from the specific ailments related to body and life style. These places of wellness rely on Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Sidha and Yogic traditions. In case you are bored with the hectic schedule away from the hum drum you find the safe retreat in the famous wellness centers of Kerala. The back waters have gained popularity over the years for wellness tourism. Kalani Kovilakam is one such famed center and it is set amidst the Annamalai Hills.

Another prominent place is Kairali Ayurvedic Village in Palakkad. Similarly Rishikesh has nice wellness destinations such as Ananda and nature Oville etc Ananda offers you such a vast range of healing therapies based on yoga, Ayurveda and spa. Here residing in these centers your body may be detoxified by the adopting a balanced living and working on basis of formulas of herbal and natural products.

Spa & Ayurveda Treatment

Since ages it is considered that water is the best way of purifying body and soul. Thus Indian scriptures say water is life. The minerals present in the water hold charismatic power of healing. In modern times spa therapy is looming large in wellness tourism. Spa is such a way in which treatment is given by using water or the other minerals. The word spa has it’s origin from the latin word “espa” which signifies fountain. If we trace back the history of spa we find it the origin of this therapy in Belgium town Spa in Liege Province in 14th century.

This town is located in a valley of Ardennes mountains and the city of Liege is only 35 kms from it. In Latin language spagere word signifies to scatter. Similarly the Greek culture also emphasizes on Spa or Social baths. Such therapies were based on thermal cleansing. The ancient Romans and Greeks used Spa Therapy, Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy. Later on in the western word Spa therapy become so popular in India as well we can find Spas of different categories like Day Spa, town Spa, Mineral Water Spa etc.

While Spa therapies work on the special supplication of fluids, oils, minerals only. Ayurveda is a full process of treatment which takes into account the imbalances of energy in the body and strives in the line of proper balance. Ayurveda being a science can cure the serious ailments while Spa cannot do justice. Spa treatments specially in top five star hotels can be bit costly while Ayurveda is quiet cheap remedy.

Emphasis on Satvic Diet in Ayurveda

According to Vedic sculptures there are 3 types of Gunas – Satoguna Rajoguna and Tauoguna. Ayurveda steps these gunas in study where it is considered that the good literary prescription is of that food which increases the energy of the body ie. This type of food is known to be satvic and since ages the yogis always following the tradition of eating satoguni diet. Tamsik is that food which decreases the energy level of the body. Normally Ayurveda prescribes the Rajasic diet for the common man.

The satvic food prescribed for the yogis and Rishis is always fresh vegetables, fruits roots which are pure and hygienic. Such diet also includes ripe vegetables, seeds leguwaes, doing produces made from cow milk. Thus this concept is known as Mitahara.

Rajasic food is that which work as stimulant. They are neither too beneficial nor harmful. These sorts of drinks such as coffee, tea, cola etc provoke mind. The Tamsik foods are sedative food or static food and these are harmful to mind and body both. They cause harms to the body parts and increase restlessness. These sort of food increase the tower charka and do not work for the uplift of the other chakras.

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