Top Ayurvedic Centers in Kerala

Kerala is brimming with the Ayurvedic treatment centers. Thus states abound in natural beauties of hills, forests and backwaters. On the other side this state gives you plethora of options of healing resorts and Ayurveda centers. If you are looking for Ayurveda packages you must head towards Kerala. Here you cannot only.

According to Malayalam calendar karkkadakam month which is the last month of Keralite calendar is considered to be the best time for Ayurvedic treatments. This month normally falls in July or August of Gregarious calendar. At this time of the year most of the famed Ayurvedic centers and hospitals and resorts in kerala area full with Indian and overseas travellers who come not only for vacations but also to get the best Ayurveda therapies and spa around the whole state.

This year 2021 you have good chance after the post covid scenario. Many people travel to Kerala to get redid from the post covid symptoms or to evergezise themselves and to wear out the stress and fatigue. Lots of Indians travel annually to Kerala just for the solo reason to involve in wellness activities Kerala Tourism has accredited more than 100 medical colleges and institutes at different places to cater to the needs of the visiting tourists


Amala Ayurvedic Hospital & Research Center: - This is a great place to have different sorts of Ayurvedic treatment. A number of overseas citizens come and have super healing treatment.

Ayur Bethariya Ayurvedic Hospital: - This hospital located in Thrissur all sorts of Panchakarma treatments and therapies. Here besides medicines special attention is given by the doctors on your meals and meditation. This is a traditional center and provides quality treatment and healthcare services. You get personalized diet and fresh vegetables of their personal garden. You are equal importance on diet and medicines and provided with a schedule of medicines and food at the time of admission.

Rajah Island Ayurvedic Hospital: - Here you get all facilities of Ayurvedic treatment, doctors’ guidance, body massage and medicines. This is open from 9 am to 6 Pm.

Zamorins Ayurvedic: - This is a great place for Ayurvedic therapy in Thrissur. Here you get Rasayani chikitsa, Shodhana Chikilsa, Dhara, Nasyam, Sirovasthi and much more.

Ayur Soparam Health Care: - This health care provides you all kinds of Panchekarma therapies and beauty treatments. You also avail arthritis and psoriasis treatments over here.


Hindustan Ayurvedic Healthcare: - In case you have a plan to visit Trivandrum and you want to explore Ayurvedic Medicare facility you can try Hindustan Ayurvedic Healthcare. Though this hospital is in some other destinations of Kerala also such as in Kollam, but this at Trivandrum is the best having great facilities.


Cochin Aryavidya Sala Kerala: - This is one of the most famed Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and has great ambience the facility of Ac and Non Ac rooms. Most of the Ayurvedic drugs are produced in their own factory in proper hygiene.

Cochin Ayurveda center: - This is located on Santa cruz school road and offers diverse innovative therapies and Ayurveda treatment facilities. They are well aware of hygiene and cleanliness. You can enjoy different spa treatments over here.

Raja Ayurveda Hospital: - This renowned hospital was opened in 1996 by the Rajah Group with the solo aim to popularize Ayurveda and spiritual healing. This place offers pampering Ayurveda treatment packages.

Rajah Beach: - This is kerala’s first and India’s III NABH recognized Ayurvedic hospital. This beach is near the seaside at Akalad and offers different wellness packages. This has spacious cottages without the hum drum of city life. This beach resort spread in 20 acres of land was started in 2008.