Delhi Slum Tour of Sanjay Colony

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This Slum Tour of Sanjay Colony in Delhi is designed to ward off the idea among the people that walking in this area would make you full of sorrow looking at the plight of the miserable people and surroundings. In reality, this tour is educational and inspiring. While walking in the narrow alleys of the Sanjay colony, you can discover the rich facets of daring people and their entrepreneurship. You have an insight into the living standards of the poor people and feel how they are capable enough to cope with the circumstance despite the advice conditions.

This would be nearly 2 to 3 hours of the educational walking tour. This focuses to encourage the living interaction of the tourists with the realities of the people living in the slums of the Sanjay colony.

Rather stereotypical view of considering Sanjay Colony tour as poor tourism, we should consider it community tourism. In this safe and non-intrusive walking tour, you get an excellent opportunity to observe the small scale industries run by the localities. This colony is built on a land patch of 25 acres near the Lotus Temple and the ISCON Temple. Nearly Fifty thousand people dwell over here and it is surrounded all around by the Industrial area.

While you are enjoying the walking tour you come across the process of recycling the garments which are the principal industry in the vicinity. Besides you also notice the other business such as automotive parts and electronics and this enables you to better realize the complex structure of this society. You pay a visit to the Hindu Temple and neighboring mosque. While you visit the doctor’s polyclinic you can understand the clinical issues.

The tour person will assist you all around while walking through the entire colony and later you can climb a rooftop for having Instagram worthy pictures of the locality. If you desire you can also enjoy the lunch with a local family and savor fresh home-cooked vegetarian food. The guide will talk to you on various topics of religion, politics, history and you can put questions before him on the daily life and routine course of the people. At the end of the tour of Sanjay Colony, we will transfer you back to your hotel.

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Location : Delhi
Trip : 01 Day
Min Age : 05
Max Age : 99
Max people : 10+ Members
Landing : Delhi
Check in : Any Day
Check Out : Any Day
Identity Proof : Any Government Id
Visa : Required
Sanjay Colony
Delhi Slum Tour of Sanjay Colony
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