Akshardham Delhi

Akshardham literally signifies as the house of God and in you Delhi Tour Package you must not forget to include this famous temple in your Delhi Trip Plan. This famous temple of Delhi besides being a marvel of architecture is a place of chastity and eternal peace. The temple is dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan and other avatars and sages of Hindu religion. It has famous sections as Gajendra Peeth and Narayan Peeth. The entire Swami Narayan complex and specially the Akshardham temple is designed on ancient India tenets of architecture Shilpa Shashtra. This temple is on the borders of Noida and Delhi and during your Delhi Tour Packages you can plan for visiting it.The principal deities in corporate include Swaminarayan, Radha Krishna, Lakshmi Narayan etc. The temple is located on NH-24 Akshardham Setu and remains closed on Monday.

Akshardham temple ticket price & Timings: -This famous temple is free where anybody can visit the temple from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm the special Aarti timings are 10 am and 6 pm. You have to leave the shoes outside before entering the temple. You are not supposed to carry camera and other electronic items. You have to follow a proper dress code to visit the temple.

History of Akshardham Temple, Delhi: - This grand temple was erected by the trust Bochasanwasi shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan (BAPS) and was opened in 2005 to the people. It was made by Paramsukh Swami Ji Maharaj and nearly 9000 volunteer from across the world took part on the construction work. This is a quiet science of Hindu culture and spirituality.

About Swami Narayan sect : - Swaminarayan Sampradaya was born from Uddhav Sampraday propagated by swami Ramanand. Swami Narayan seet is developed by Sahajanand Swami who was an ascetic or Yogi. He was born in Uttar Pradesh state and swami Ramanand was his spiritual Guru. This sect is a follower of. Swami ji believed to be an incarnation of Lord Krishna. The root mantra of this sect is Swami Narayan where swami means Lord and Narayan signifies as Lord Vishnu. The ultimate philosophy of this Sampradaya is to achieve the form of purna rupa or aksharbrahma of God where the hanuman soul is liberated from the trap of maya and sansarik enticements of life and death. This is often as salvation is some other beliefs such as Buddhism.
Swami Narayan sect developed too much under the leadership of swami ji who fluted the barriers of caste discriminating Swami ji was against the Pushtimangi traditions and close to vallabha traditions.

Akshardham water show & exhibitions: - The exhibitions in the premises of this temple are held in 3 halls Shahjanand Darshan hall, Neelkanth Darshan, and sand Sanskruti Darshan. In the first hall you get to know the values of true love, compassion and non –violence. In the Neelkanth Darshan you explore the gorgeous mountains and forests on large screen. In the Sanskruti Darshan you board a boat and witness the Indian history and culture traditions. During your Old Delhi Tour with Akshardham Temple you can have the experience of this event.This 12 minute boat ride would leave you mesmerized.

Akshardham Exhibition Ticket Charges

Children 4- 11 yrs 95

Adults - 12 + yrs 170

Senior Citizens - 60 + yrs 135

(Children below 4 yrs are free)

Akshardham Temple Architecture: - This famous temple has eloquent features of architecture where 234 pillars are made which are highly ornate. It is built out of red sandstone and marble with 9 domes. The temple has more than 20 thousands idols of saints, sages. The celebrated Gajendra Peeth of the temple has carved out elephants and pay a reverence to elephants according to Hindu mythology.

In the principal hall there is a 11 feet high idol of Swaminarayan, He is depicted in abhay mudra and is surrounded by the followers. These murtis or idols are made of panch dhatu (5 metals). Thus this sanctum sanatorium houses not only these murtis but several other items used by Swami ji. The interior of this temple has 9 Mandapams which has unique carvings. This manifests the eternal glory of god. The external part of the temple called Mandova is huge and has more than 200 stone carvings of sages and incarnations. The pradakhina path or the perambulation area of this temple is known as Narayan Peeth. This has 3 major 60 feet high bronze figurines.