Khan Market

Location of Khan Market: -The famous New Delhi market is situated in the Rabindra nagar area. The Khan market violet line metro station is the nearest metro station to the Khan market. The well known prestigious retail market is not very far away from the India gate and the very well known power centres of Indian republic. Hiring a conveyance from any part of Delhi is not tough as Khan market is a very well known land mark./p>

History: - Delhi in early 1950’s was grappling under the exodus of migrants from Pakistan mainly Hindu and Sikhs. New neighbourhoods and colonies were designed and planned to accommodate these migrants. Khan market is one such market developed to settle the migrants mainly those from the North West frontier province an area of Pakistan very near to the border with Afghanistan. These migrants were allotted the shops and flats. These Pashto speaking migrants honoured a Pashtun leader Khan Abdul Jabbar Khan so the newly constructed market was named Khan market in honour of the leader.

Market Specs: - The market is a two storied U shaped narrow alley, The upper stories not long ago were used for residential purpose now most of them are part of swanky showrooms or eateries.

The market is also very well known for its street food and some very well known uber eateries like Khan Chacha or Town Hall restaurant or the Lulu’s Café bar, You can also enjoy a freshly brewed coffee at the Café coffee day or a desi barbecue at the Punjabi Grill. The local cake shop Cakery is also quite famous.

The very famous international brands like Laduree, Marks & Spencer,Crocs,Zodiac etc share the market with unbranded street apparel vends where negotiations are always welcome. The market is well known for its jewellery outlets like Amrapali,Flourite, Mehra brothers etc.

Khan market is also famous for designer stores like one owned by Ritika Malhotra.

The market also has book stores with not very decorated swanky names Faquir Chand , New Janta book depot.

If interested you can pay a visit to the famous beauty saloons and get a pedicure, manicure or a facial at the Looks saloon or the Curls.

Opticians like Bonton also share the retail space in the market.

Khan market is an up market retail market in posh area of New Delhi where you will enjoy shopping or simply strolling around doing window shopping.