Dilli Haat

Location of Dilli Haat: -Delhi Haat INA is located near to the AIIMS flyover. In your Delhi Tour Itinerary you drive towards Safdargunj airport very near to the All India Institute of Medical Science Just opposite to the INA market on left hand side is the Delhi haat INA. The parking is available.

Ticket: - There is a nominal ticket levied on visiting the Delhi Haat market. For adults its 30 INR and for child visitors its just 20/- foreigners-100/-

Concept of Delhi Haat INA: - Haat in local parlance means a local village market, usually it’s a weekly or a fort nightly affair but an urban haat was conceived in national capital city Delhi in 1994 by the Delhi tourism, now there are two more Delhi haat operational in Delhi city, the Delhi haat Janakpuri was inaugurated in year 2013 while the Delhi haat pitampura was inaugurated in year 2008. The concept behind Delhi haat was to showcase the rural art and craft of ethnic areas of India to the national capital, this way the craftsmen tend to get ready buyers for their artwork and the people of Delhi also get the wares at great bargain as the expenditure on setting of shops etc is bare minimum, the artisans are charged just 100/- per day as rent for the kiosks fortnightly, this helps in passing on the economic benefits to the buyers. Apart from the ethnic art work etc the Delhi haat is famous for ethnic cuisines from different parts of India.

Architecture of the Market: - The market is designed in a very simple manner to cut the cost, there are small shops in form of kiosks which are allocated to the artisans, the pathways are very well maintained with greenery around, it’s a real fun to walk around the Delhi haat. The roof of the kiosks is simple thatched roof or done with bamboo or stones.

What to shop: - The Delhi haat offers a variety of ethnic stuff to the consumers and residents of Delhi at very reasonable prices, fulkari embroidery from Punjab , Bandhej tye and dye art work from Rajasthan Silk sarees from Varanasi , bamboo coming from north eastern states, Brass ware from Muradabad in UP, leather items from Agra UP. Camel hide footwear from Rajasthan ,sandalwood wooden carving from South india, Fragrances, Itar, metal crafts, imitation jewellery, beads, puppets, madhubani painting, apart from these ethnic wares there are culinary delights also available at Delhi Haat INA. If you are desirous of eating authentic kashmiri wazwaan then Delhi haat is a place where you can enjoy the same. Kebabs from lucknow, biryani from UP, these culinary dishes from various parts of India are available at the Delhi haat. Taste buffs arrive at Delhi haat to enjoy these delicacies.