Lotus Temple Delhi

Location: - In the south district of New Delhi near the famous kalkaji temple just east of the famous market of Nehru place is situated the Lotus Temple. Lotus Temple is the prime highlight of Delhi Tour Package.Nearest metro station is the Kalkaji metro station.

Lotus Temple Timings: - The temple is open from Monday to Saturday, Sunday is the closure day. There is no entry fees levied on visiting this temple. For photography permission is required.

Architecture of Lotus Temple: - The lotus temple is a marvelous piece of architecture which occupies a place of paramount importance in the sky line of New Delhi. Because of its gigantic structure its visible from a long distance, inaugurated in year 1986 the temple ascribes to the Bahai faith. The structure rises to a phenomenal height of 34 meters, the monument is shaped as a lotus flower with 27 petals, lotus as a flower has religious importance in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and bahai faith. The design of the temple is a sort of circle with nine facets.

There are nine ponds and gardens surrounding the monument. The number nine has a deep spiritual meaning it relates to the nine outward orifice of the human body. The marble for the monument was imported from Pentelli Mountain in Greece. This is the same place from where the Romans sourced marble to build the Parthenon.

Tha Bahai faith allows anyone ascribing to any religion to visit the temple read religious script or to meditate inside the temple there is no restriction applicable of any kind based on caste, religion or colour.

The temple can comfortably seat 1300 devotees, accommodating a total of 2500. The total land in the monument is 26 acres. The temple was designed by an Iran born architect fari borz sahiba who is now resident of california state of the united state of America.

There is no idol of any deity inside the bahai place of worship. It is also known as “Mashriqul Adhkar”.