Qutub Minar Mehrauli Delhi

You may have heard of the leaning tower of Pisa which is a world of wonder. Similar to it the lofty Indian marvel of medieval times. The Qutub Minar is a worth worthy tourists attraction for the history lovers.

Location of Qutub Minar: -The Qutub Minar stands as an epitome of Indian architecture in Mehrauli area of Delhi. This can easily be approached by the public transport and by your private car. The monument is open for the morning till the sunset.

History & Architecture of Qutub Minar: - The Qutub Minar was envisaged by the slave dynasty ruler. Qutub ud din aibak and later on completed by his successor iltutmish. It is 72.5 meter in height and it is base diameter is 14.3 meters. The lofty towers have 379 steps to soar high. The top storey of this imposing tower was outer polied by Sikandar Lodi and is made of white marbles. This has inscription from the holy quram on the cylindrical shafts. The 5 storied towers have the lower 3 stories of sand stone work and the upper 2 has red sandstone and white marble used together. It has strong affinity to the tower of Pisa as it has a tilt mercly of 60 centimeters from the vertical.

Qutub Minar Complex: - This celebrated complex includes the iron pillar which stands amid the Quwwat us Islam mosque courtyard. These 7 meters high iron pillar is a supreme manufacturer of ancient Indian art of alchemy. Even after more the 1600 yrs there is no rusting at all on the pillar. It has an inaiption in Sanskrit language dating back to 5th century A.D.

Discover Qutub Festival: - If you are planning for Delhi Tour Package in October or November calculate and check the timings for the famous qutub festival. This festival on corporate sufi divine singing and classical music you get to see the live domce performance. Anyone can attend at without the admission fee.