Eco Tourism Agra Beyond Taj Mahal

Eco tourism is a kind of tourism which is related with the visit of natural sights and endangered species. This sort of tourism is made for the purpose of conservation of such area and observing the wildlife species of the particular territory. Three decades back there were lots opportunities of this type of tourism in Agra. Since almost 2 decades back lots of efforts were done on the direction of developing eco tourism in Agra as Taj Mahal is the prime highlight of Agra and millions of tourists get mesmerized by the virgin beauty of the Taj Mahal who frequent it and always prime to visit it secondly.

The state government tourism and the forest department of Uttar Pradesh have developed new sights on league with some private entrepreneurs to develop the ecotourism concept. In case you are planning for Taj Mahal tour with eco tourism you make a plan for 4 Days Agra tour at least. This gives you plenty of time to explore the eco tourism in and around Agra.

During your Taj Mahal eco tourism tour you can visit the famous sur sarovar bird sanctuary which is a Ramsar site. This place is located at keetham lake on Nh2 and can easily be accessed from the Agra tour by car or by the public transport. You get to see the scous of local and migratory birds, reptiles, and other wild animals in this sanctuary. This sanctuary also have the bear rescue centre managed by an NGO called S.O.S. (Save our soul) They have done a remarkable job in conserving the sub endangered sloth bear species. This rare species was on the verge of extrications and these bears were brutally harnessed by the gypsy like community called Kalandar.

Another worth visit location close by is the Churmura Elephant conservation centre which is located on NH2 Also. Churmura lies Mathura Vrindavan highway. This center is founded and managed by the S.O.S you can enjoy the activities with the elephants. By visiting this center you get to know the stories behind these elephants.

You also have a good opportunity to visit the Chambal valley to see the wildlife of Chambal River. In this safari you get to see the crocodiles, alligators, fresh water dolphins and several other avion species. This sanctuary also gives you the privilege to stay for few nights in the Chambal wildlife safari lodge and you can make plans for the other visiting sites staying over here. Another famous attraction is the patna Bird sanctuary near jalesar and Ghana Bird sanctuary in Bharatpur. Both of these sanctuaries are Ramsar sites and need at least 2 days schedule to visit them properly.

Another great eco attraction near the Chambal safari is the lion safari in Etawah. The forest department officials have brought couple of lions from the Gir rescue and trying to develop the natural habitat for the lion. So far these lions are put in a separate one to adjust in the environment and not roaming freely unlike the forest. While you are visiting the Taj Mahal you will visit the Taj nature walk at the sunset and thus you will be stayed to see the variety of local birds and the natural surrounds. Above all the new of the Taj Mahal from the mounds would captivate your heart.

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