Taj Mahal Agra in Mine Craft Game

Mine craft presents plethora of opportunities of gaming and you can explore the unique world. This is a game based learning platform and found useful across the world. You can enjoy the community creations. Mine crafts game is very popular under the project” Build the earth BTE the gamers are trying hand to recreate the places in the mine craft game. This project was launched last year 2020 to encourage the gamers so that they can kill time.

Presently Daniel Tan has created the Taj Mahal in the mine craft game he has already created the other wonders and ideal locations similarly Walter has created the Disney land in Mine craft game.

Mine craft is a sand box video game which was created by Mojang studies of Sweden. It was fully released in 2011; this is a top selling video game which claims to have 120 million monthly user base. The social media platforms like You Tube, Reddit, Facebook have played a vital role in the popularizing of this game.

Recently built the earth community shared the picture of Taj Mahal Instagram. The fabulous monument, a token of love Taj Mahal Agra has been painted over the time by several imminent painters in different moods. Similarly several other professional and amateur photographers have snapped the Taj Mahal from various angles. In the Mine craft games Deniel has shared seven slide posts. The mine craft community has created 7 different images of the Taj Mahal mausoleum and its surroundings areas. The structure, the flora had other details have striking similarity to the original. The Taj Mahal designed in 1631 is a classic example of architecture. Imagine the skill of the architects when they had no modern day instruments, computer software to calculate, even then they produced the perfect balance of the building from any of the angle.