Taj Mahal story – A Pragmatic Approach

One must borrow Gargantua’s month to tell the story of Taj Mahal Agra and the mind of Einstein to unravel the mysteries. Normally Taj Mahal Agra (original name Rauza E Munawwara)is considered an epitome of love. The common folk believe that Shahjahan, the fifth ruler of mughal dynasty was enamored with love with his consort Mumtaz Mahal. Thus they, lived together a happy married live like a fringe upon a petticoat. What else they led an inseparable life. Where the emperor moved she followed him as a shadow. She bore 14 children to him and at the time of 14th child birth, she heaved her last sigh on account of incessant bleeding. This unfortunate progeny was a female later known as Gauhar Ara.

Imagine a ruler whose scepter swayed all the time was deposed by his own son for power. This third son Aurangzeb killed his other three brothers by shrewd tricks and thus left no hurdle in his way of all fining power. He captivated his father in Mussaman Burz of Agra fort as he was able to construct the Taj beforehand. This place you can visit in Agra Tour Package. Thus the love lorn bereaved emperor had the only solace in the time of solitariness- the glimpse of the Taj Mahal and the memories of Mumtaz.

Against the set thought the point to be noted about the construction theory of Taj is that besides love of a man for his paramour his love for aesthetic art persuaded him to dream of the Taj Mahal Agra. It is widely known that the emperor already commissioned so many palaces inside the Agra fort and the red fort Delhi. Thus he is known with the epithet engineer emperor. By constructing Taj Mahal he paved the way for the employment boom to his countrymen.

Another reason for making the Taj Mahal Agra can be the construction of Itmad ud daula’s tomb in Agra. As this tomb was made by lady Noorjahan who was the step mother of Shahjahan . She erected the tomb in the memories of her family members. Shahjahan nurtured a sort of envy into his aunt Noor jahan. Thus he decided to construct such tomb which can vie with already existing tomb of itmad ud daula and can surpass it.

Thus Shahjahan laid the foundation stone of Taj Mahal Agra in 1631 and surrounded the four bukhari saints for the noble cause of being guarding spirit of the Taj. He invited the best of architects and supervisors headed by Hamid Lahauri. The marble was bought from the makrana mines of Rajasthan by using camels, the wells were sunk and the foundation was laid by using brick and mortar. On the foundations the building was erected and coated with inlaid and carved marble slabs. It incurred nearly 50 million rupees when gold was 15 rupees per 10 gram. For the construction of taj Mahal Shahjahan formed the guilds of artisans who were living in Mutazabad or present Taj ganj area. Each guild has particular mason mark to calculate the wages.

Taj Mahal Agra has seen several ups and downs. In the hey day the edifice was merely marble building but a dazzling star ornamented with gold finial and studded with jewels. In the time of British regime it was once put on action. Thank God sacrilege was averted and we see Taj Mahal intact. It has witnessed various ages, coronations and the arrival of dignitaries such as Princess Diana President Clinton and Trump etc.