Taj Mahal Tour Guides Office

Taj Mahal in Agra is a major hub of tourism in north India. Each day thousands of vacationers frequent the Taj Mahal and get mesmerized with the beauty of Taj Mahal. It is such masterpiece of cut that needs a good storyteller guide. Without Taj Mahal tour guide explanation you miss a lot. There are hundreds of tour guides who in Agra who are approved by department of tourism. They work with both foreign and domestic tourists and many of these are well versed in various foreign languages. Some of these guides are approved by Govt of India ministry of tourism while others by UP tourism. They have approved guides associations and get their offices. Various tour operators of Agra and Delhi use the service of these tour guides for their respective tourists.

Besides these approved guides there are some touts or unauthorized guides. To compact with the minis of these touts or lapakas the local Agra administration has decided to start tour guides offices near both eastern and western gate of the Taj Mahal. This will prevent the visitors from being cheated by these unscrupulous elements. This facility will start soon. This decision to set up tour guides office would avail good service to the tourists. These offices would have the naming list of the tour guides and their charges. This is of course a remarkable move to save the image of Agra tourism and the ongoing tout culture will perhaps come to an end.

How can you book Taj Mahal guide?
It is easy to book Taj Mahal tour guide. You can visit UP tourism website or Indian tourism website. Besides then you can contact good tour operator in Agra. You can also hire tour guide from tour guide office.