Services Near Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal Agra is frequented by multitudes of people every month and such tourists are always pressed with the urge of services near Taj Mahal. Now with the online portals it is very easy to book the restaurants and hotels near Taj Mahal. There are several other kinds of services which you are not able to search on net or bookable on line such as finding the car wash or tyre fixing services information, the beauty Saloon and healthcare services, fuel services and so on. Here you find the mention of necessary day to day services which you require even at home or visiting some places on weekend Gateway. We throw light on such services in the vicinity of the Taj Mahal when you are coming on Taj Mahal Tour Package or staying in the nearby hotels. Such services are not listed on Google Business so it is hard to find the location, but we provide you the nearest location with other necessary information.

Parking Near Taj Mahal @ INR - 100

Taj Mahal has 2 parking’s one on the East Gate at Shilpgram and the other on western Gate. While you coming on Agra Tour package you can come to either of them and leave the car, later take a battery powered vehicle such as motorized bus or Golf cart to reach the Taj Mahal which will leave you few hundred meters before the Taj. Finally you will have to walk for few hundred meters until you reach the Taj. You need to pay 100 Rs for the car.

Photoshops Near Taj Mahal

If you want to avail the professional photographer’s service at the Taj Mahal. They are deft handed in their skill of making picture. A well known photographer in the Taj Mahal is Mr. Harish Biloniya who works as a freelancer in the Taj Mahal and for the wedding ceremonies and other functions. You can contact him on +91 93192 99949. You can also contact some other profassionals like him. In the Taj Mahal vicinity in the Taj Ganj area near the south Gate you can find photo studios where you can get the services of pictures, C.D burn etc.

24x7 Tea Stall Near Taj Mahal

Close to Shanti Manglik hospital on Fatehabad Road you can visit the famed tea stall known as Fauzdar Tea center. You have the privilege to enjoy the fames of hot tea having the flavors of ginger and cardamom. The specialty is that all the healthy drink you served in Kullah.

Wheel Chair for disabled & Umbrella on hire

If you are having some physically challenged person in the group or the senior citizens travelling with you. You can get the wheelchair from the archaeological survey office at the Taj Mahal. You can manage driving the wheelchair yourself or you can hire same assistant outside the Taj Mahal to drag it. Normally they charge INR 300. You can also hire umbrella outside Taj Mahal for INR-100

Grocery Shops

There are so many grocery shops in and around Taj Ganj area where you can buy the daily need items. You can also find them on Fatehabad Road and near Purani Mandi. Raj Kumar daily need, Vimal daily needs are some big names. You can also visit same supermarkets near Taj Mahal like Vishal mega mart.

Petrol Pumps Near Taj Mahal

The closest petrol pumps to the Taj Mahal are located near Kalakirti Auditorium and opposite to the Akabar International. In Taj Nagari you can also avail the facility of C.N.G filling station.

Dhabas & Online Food Delivery

You can find a nice place to eat at abhishek Dhaba near Vishal Mega Mart. The other good choice of food is Sher Punjab at Kalal Kheria. You also have good choice for online order food delivery from the rated kitchen services like Agra Chaupati. You can call on +91 7906002258.

Hospitals Near Taj Mahal

There are some famous hospitals near the Taj Mahal where you can have O.P.D services. The best is Sarojani Naidu Medical collage located at a distance of 5 kms from Taj Mahal. The district hospital is located on M.G road in both of these hospitals you can have medical advice and get the Covid – 19 vaccines as well. The other private hospitals near Taj Mahal are Dixit Hospital, Upadhaya Hospital and Shanti Manglik hospital etc.

Cinema & Theatre

Near Taj Mahal you can enjoy the cinema and theatre. The T.D.I Mall has carnival cinema where you can enjoy the movies. There are some other cinema halls such as Sarv Multiplex, Bhagwan Cinema, and Shree and Heera cinema. The best theatres around Taj Mahal are Kalakirti Auditorium and Sur Sadan.

Car wheel repair near Taj mahal

You are often in search of car wheel repair or for checking the air pressure in the tyre. If you need such services near Taj Mahal you can get it opposite shanti mangalik hospital on Fatehabad road or near the (sabji mandi) Vegetable market. You can also avail it near hotel Ramada, Agra. Similarly you can avail the car wash facility in opposite of Hotel Trident Agra called Parihar car service center.

Cobblers Near Taj Mahal

If you want your shoes mended you can visit Agrasen chowk near Taj view hotel. Secondly you can visit in Taj Ganj area at Khaddar Bhandarchowk for such services. These services start from Rs. 30 to 100 maximum. They are available morning till evening all days often week.

Laundry and Dry clean Services

The best laundry services you can avail at Bharat Laundry service and Taj laundry service near Taj Ganj police station close to the southern gate of Taj Mahal.

Breakfast near Taj Mahal

The top breakfast places you can explore in Rajinder sweets in the old Taj ganj. You ca also visit the Gopika Misthan Bhandar and shreeji Misthan Bhandar on fatehabad road.

Drug stores/ medical shops

You can get the 24x7 Drug store services at Shanti Mangalik Hospital. You also have this facility at Dubey Medical store and Shalya Medical store near Purani Mandi Agra.

Parks near Taj Mahal

There are some famous and beautiful parks near Taj Mahal are Shahjahan Garden, Taj Nature walk, Agra Selfie Park and the Zonal Park. All parks are open for tourists and locals from Morning to evening.

Auto Rickshaw/ Bus Stand near Taj Mahal

The main auto rickshaw you will find near Taj Mahal is the “Tonga Stand Taj ganj”which is also known as Adda in local language. The nearest bus stand for intercity transfer is Idgah Bus Stand and Bizli Ghar bus stand located on the distance of 4 to 5 km from Taj Mahal.

Sweet Shops near Taj Mahal

The most famous near Taj Mahal is the Gopaldas sweets located on fatehabad road. Here you will enjoy mouth smack ling sweets along with different varieties of crisp salty.

Railway Stations Near Taj Mahal

Agra Cantt Railway Station

The Agra Cantt Railway station is the main entry point for the city of Agra. It is always bustling with tourists. Located near the Taj Mahal nearly 6 KMS, the Agra railway station has undergone extensive development. Many luxury, super-fast, and express trains stop here. Among them are the Shatabdi Express and the Jhansi Taj Express. These trains have a short travel time and are an ideal choice for a day trip from New Delhi.

You can find numerous hotels and inns near the Agra Cantt railway station. Many of them provide excellent service and are popular with foreign travelers. These hotels provide well-appointed rooms, free breakfast, and valet parking. Some of them also offer conference rooms and TVs. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you're sure to find a hotel that suits your budget and your needs.

Agra Fort Railway Station

Agra Fort Railway Station is located close to the Agra Fort and serves as the terminus of trains from different cities. The station was once a metre-gauge station but has since been converted to a broad-gauge station. It is one of the oldest railway stations in India and is a popular starting point for inter-city trains. It is far 2Kms from Taj Mahal.

The Agra Fort Railway Station is located behind the Agra Fort, just a short walk from the fort's entrance. From Agra Fort Railway Station, you can walk to the Taj Mahal in about three kilometers. From the station, you can take trains to Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Varanasi. Alternatively, you can catch a rickshaw to the Taj Mahal, which will cost about 30 rupees.

Idgah Railway Station

Idgah Railway Station is a railway station in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is located in the Police Line area of Agra. The nearest post office to Idgah Railway Station is Agra H. O. There are nine post offices in Idgah Railway Station. Idgah Railway Station Agra is connected to other cities via road. There are numerous daily bus services. The Yamuna Expressway and NH2 connect Agra to Delhi. There is a bus stand near the station and you can board a semi-deluxe or AC bus from various cities. There are also autos available from the fort gate.

Idgah Railway Station Agra is a small train station located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It is part of the Agra Division of the North Central Railway zone. It has three platforms. Trains from other states and cities in India stop here. The distance from Idgah Railway Station Agra to the Agra Fort is just over 3 km. Idgah Railway Station Agra is a small train station with basic facilities. It is a convenient way to reach the city. There are plenty of tourist attractions in the area. You can start your sightseeing tour once you arrive at the station. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi to travel to the main city of Agra.