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During the corona period virtual tours are going popularity. The privilege behind this is that while being at home or office or any other place, you can fix the arrangement of this guided tour online. Only you need an internet connect. P.C or laptop. We will provide you better experience of Agra fort through our expert tour guide.

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Location : Agra
Trip : 01 Day
Min Age : 05
Max Age : 99
Max people : 10+ Members
Landing : Home
Check in : Any Day
Check Out : Any Day
Identity Proof : Any Government Id
Visa : Required
Taj Mahal
Red Fort
Tour Program
  • Day 01:

    Online Experience of Agra Fort Sightseeing

    In this experience you will be introduced with our knowledgeable Agra tour guide. He would first of all brief you about Agra city and it’s historical background. Later on he would discuss the chronology of the dynasties ruling and specially about the Mughals and British regime.

    Later on he would come to the Agra fort history and starting with the main gate would narrate to you about all the magnificent palaces housed inside the fort. You get to see and learn about the Diwan-i-Am, Diwan-i-Khas, Khas Mahal. Jahangeeri Palace, Mussaman Burj etc. The tour guide would show you both parts- built by Shahjahan in white marble and red sand stone part built by his grandfather Akabar.

    You will also learn about the security system, strategic, importance, mughal kitchen and about the garrison, later on he would explain to you about the fort in reference to the British rule.

    At the ends you are given free time to ask any questions and clear you doubts
Virtual Tour of Agra Fort
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