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Senior citizens of a country are those countrymen or women who have retired from their respective jobs after attaining a certain age. Various countries have diverse retirement ages and criterions. Senior tourism has a significant growth globally over the years due to better infrastructural development, move many benefits and caring tour operator facilities. The aging population is smoothly transforming the travel industry seniors often rely on friends, family and neighbors to help them in routine cause. Such persons may hire a professional geriatric care manager. If you are a senior citizen and look for a way to take a break from the hum drum then India is a perfect destination. We at S.A.M Tours stands as a responsible tour operator provide you tailor made Trips for Seniors in India.

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Who are senior travelers?

Senior tourists are a complex group of travelers with age group from 55+ this group can be classified in 3 categories (A) 55-65 (B) 65-80 (C) 80+. Each category has different physic, economic stability, and physcholigical bent of mind. Thus while carting tour products to each group the tour operators should take care all points in mind. Like the senior tourists in the age bracket of 55 to 65 have comparatively high income and can afford luxury travel. These are frequent travelers and opt for short tours.

The senior from 65 to 80 are retired and have much time. They are much health carious and rely on their saving such cliental choose to spend quality time and money for their services. The third group with 80+ years are in such phase where they have a challenge of waving health and need health care services frequently. They need peace of mind and body and proper security. Thus while designing tour package for seniors in the 3 category the tour curator and operator should keep in mind comfort at the prime thing. The tour plan should not be pestered with much sightseeing. They should be provided with cozy hotels, smooth transfers, caring tour guides and drivers. The proper hygienic meals should be served.

Emergency support handling during Trips for seniors

Old age is prone to many diseases and health issues. Thus seniors’ travelers are likely to encounter a series of emergencies. This is a natural process but it is dangerous if taken lightly. To cope with any emergency it is very important for seniors to have personal emergency response system (PERS). This device calls the monitoring center and automatically connects the senior to an operator who determines the help points. In same systems the family members or friends get the notice who is designated as emergency contacts.

Senior Tours Travel Tips

Senior often rely on children, family member, friends or neighbors to assist them. So far as senior travel is concerned a good travel agency should be hired to help seniors planning their trip in India or elsewhere. The tour consultant should keep in mind the budget and lifestyle of the travelers. The agency should offer special discount or tour packages for the senior gentry. Another important tip is to get a medical advice and clearance from your expert doctor prior to leave for the tour. This process would help a senior to avoid any unexpected health issues. Such travelers need to be informed about safety from Viral and bacterial infections. Food safety is also a main concern.

Physically challenged senior should be given special care while staying at the hotel or during sightseeing. It means they should be given rooms without staircases, have wheelchair accessibility. Similarly during sightseeing the caring wheelchair handler should be picked. Seniors aspire for accessible entrances with good provision of elevators, ramps and special washrooms.

Escorted tours for citizens are in vogue as escort is a good help who accompanies the seniors right from the airport up to the entire sightseeing. Travel insurance cost for the senior citizens. It’s cost and particulars should be well throught.

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Trips for Seniors in India
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