Must-Visit Scenic Spots Near India’s Border

Must-Visit Scenic Spots Near India’s Border

India’s borders offer picturesque spots from tranquil ponds to towering summits. From Wagah Border Ceremony to Pangong Lake, these frontier regions beckon tourists with their special beauty. Chitkul is an idyllic village near China’s border that offers a serene natural setting and Himalayan and Tibetan cultures, including centuries-old temples and chortens. Here you get to know about Must-Visit Scenic Spots Near India Border.

Dharchula India-Nepal Interface

These stunning views Scenic Spots Near India show how seamlessly nature and nations blend. Travelers visiting this area will discover charming hilltop settlements and serene mountains – inviting them to experience life beyond borders.

Dharchula lies along the Himalayan border between China and Bhutan, offering majestic views of Panchachuli Peak. Once an important trade center and pilgrim base camp on their pilgrimages to Mansarovar and Adi Kailash.

Himachal Pradesh border town Chamba is widely known for producing delicious potatoes and peas of the highest quality, making it a top tourist attraction with scenic beauty, amazing surroundings and rich cultural traditions. Tourists are drawn here from near and far for its breathtaking peaks that overlook it as well as unique cultural traditions of its people.

Dharchula should be visited between September and November when the weather is clear and sunny, most easily accessible by road from Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand. Since entering Dharchula requires special permits, it is advised that visitors consult local guides or tour agencies when planning their visit.

Pangong Lake India-China Demarcation

Pangong Lake in Ladakh straddles both India and China borders, with much of its surface lying within Chinese territory. Yet its stunning natural beauty belies its geopolitical importance.

Chitkul is the final village inhabited in Baspa valley and this remote settlement provides the ideal opportunity to escape civilization and reconnect with nature. Home to several monasteries serving organic meals from locally produced organic vegetables, this idyllic locale makes an excellent spot to disconnect and unwind away from civilization. Book India Tour Packages

Darjeeling Hill Station, situated in West Bengal’s Darjeeling district and known for its incredible panoramic views over the Indo-China border, is an attractive holiday destination that draws holiday-makers in search of breathtaking panoramas. Tourists can also visit Nathu La Pass; one of India’s highest motorable roads that provides beautiful landscape views connecting Gangtok with Phuentsholing; making this spot one of India’s must-visit scenic spots for adventure lovers.

Malda India-Bangladesh Border

India is an expansive nation full of unique experiences and its border areas can be some of the most spectacular sights. India shares borders with Pakistan, China, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka so your domestic journey could very easily turn international!

Aksai Chin, Scenic Spots Near India the India-China border in Jammu and Kashmir is an undiscovered gem that provides breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains. Also dubbed as India’s Mango Metropolis due to its abundance of Himsagar mango trees.

Nathu La Pass stands at 14,450 ft and is one of the highest motorable roads in the world, providing stunning views over both Indian and Chinese soldiers fighting alongside each other. Situated a few hours east of Gangtok, it provides some wonderful experiences.

Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary can be found near India-Bhutan and West Bengal borders and boasts a stunning variety of Rhododendron flowers, making this beautiful sanctuary popular with photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Nelong Valley India-China Border

India, with its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, is renowned for its cultural richness and breathtaking vistas. India is best-known for its history, picturesque hilltop towns, and ravishing valleys – yet its border regions hide fascinating hidden gems that challenge our perceptions of international borders. Beyond images of soldiers guarding fortified borders or fortified barriers separating nations, travelers visiting these stunning vistas often come away marveling at how nature transcends all borders seamlessly.

Nelong Valley in Uttarakhand draws adventure-seekers and explorers eager to uncover a historic trade route between India and China. Part of Gangotri National Park, this dry valley was closed off from tourists until 2015, when tourism promotion in Uttarakhand made it accessible.

To reach Nelong Valley from Delhi, first take a bus ride to Dehradun and from there hire a cab or forest department vehicle until Bhairav Ghati where only registered taxi services and forest department vehicles are permitted further towards Nelong Valley. Although the road to Nelong Valley may be long and winding, its views of Himalayan peaks make the trek worthwhile – don’t miss the Gartang Gali bridge (built by Pathans of Peshawar during 17th century)! Once at Nelong Valley don’t forget the iconic Gartang Gali bridge built by Pathans from Peshawar during 17th century; you won’t want to leave without seeing this incredible place!

Nathu La Pass-Mansarovar India-China Border

Nathu La (Tibetan: Rna-thos-l) is an important Himalayan pass that sits between Sikkim and Tibet, connecting Gangtok with villages in the lower Chumbi Valley. Situated at an even higher elevation than Cho La and Jelep La, its opening was heralded with fanfare following India-China relations thawing; pilgrims intended to visit Rumtek Monastery — one of Buddhism?s holiest shrines — could more easily visit Rumtek Monastery during their pilgrimages.

Due to a coronavirus pandemic, however, this year the pass will remain closed and has been informed by Sikkim Tourism Minister B S Panth as such.

Pilgrims may still undertake the Kailash-Manasarovar yatra through Lipulekh Pass in Uttarakhand and Shipkila in Himachal Pradesh; however, due to Nathu La’s closure this year many will need to trek instead of driving. Organised annually from June-September by the Ministry of External Affairs using two routes, both sides are communicating regularly regarding when this pass may reopen and both have agreed on ways forward in regards to this matter.

Wagah Border India-Pakistan Border

India is well known for its cultural heritage and stunning landscapes, yet also boasts many captivating border spots that challenge our perception of international boundaries. Ranging from mountaintop towns to sprawling deserts, Scenic Spots Near India provide an array of picturesque scenes sure to satisfy any adventurer’s inner wanderlust.

Wagah is one of the country’s most iconic border points, which spans both India and Pakistan. Witness the daily lowering of flags ceremony for an impressive display of patriotism that will leave you speechless! Additionally, Wagah houses the Golden Temple which serves as a sacred shrine for Sikhs; close by lies Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Memorial Park which serves as an interactive museum dedicated to Partition history.

For easy travel to Wagah Border from Amritsar, public buses run near its border station. Or you could hire a rickshaw from Jugaadus Hostel; each ride costs around 800 INR and lasts 10 minutes.

Pamban Bridge India-Sri Lanka Border

India’s majestic border regions offer tourists an unforgettable travel experience, from majestic mountain passes and mesmerising lakes to astounding valleys and magnificent valleys. Beyond their traditional image as places with armed troops and barrier walls, these incredible locales are home to vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes that promise an adventureful visit.

Popularly known as Rama’s Bridge or Ram Setu, this natural limestone shoals network connects Pamban Island (also called Rameswaram) in India to Mannar Island in Sri Lanka. According to popular belief, Lord Rama’s trusted aide Hanuman built it.

Kibithu, located in Mishmi Hills near India’s border, is one of the most picturesque places near its borders. Nature enthusiasts looking for adventure will appreciate this serene town with its curvy roads, lofty pine trees, majestic mountains, stunning waterfalls and alluring atmosphere. Hiking enthusiasts may take up the challenge of climbing Nathu La Pass while admiring exotic flora and fauna such as Himalayan marsh orchid and Brahma kamal orchid species as well as rare fern species aplenty.

Tawang India-China Border – Top Scenic Spots Near India

Goa’s sprawling beaches make it an attractive travel destination, while this western Indian state also has much more to offer; from Chapora Fort and Candolim Beach to Chapora Fort. Tourist attractions in Goa abound.

Goa is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts. Here, visitors can spot an abundance of birds and migrating species in Sundarbans’ lush forests; home to several hundred tigers which has made this mangrove forest one of the top tourist draws in India.

Tawang, situated in Arunachal Pradesh, is one of India?s most beautiful and historic border cities. Known as the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama and home to India?s largest monastery, this location serves as a sacred pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists.

Pangong Lake lies in Ladakh’s eastern region and spans both India and China borders, with most of it lying within Chinese territory. A spectacular sight, this breathtaking body of water boasts towering peaks all around it that give it an air of peace despite its geopolitical importance.


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