Rakhigarhi Harappan Site Future Tourism Destination

Rakhigarhi Harappan Site Future Tourism Destination

The human race is in the constant evolution form. The human civilization has undergone a drastic chance with the invention of fire and wheel. Some of the ancient civilizations are the Mesopotamians, Sumerians, and Mayans Indus valley civilization etc. Harappa and Mohajudaro were the largest cities of Indus Valley River in undivided India. Later on some other excavated cities such as Kalipangan in Rajasthan, Lothal in Gujarat added to the list of Indus valley cities. The latest discovery of the Harappan city is of Rakhigarhi Harappan Site in Haryana state of India. This village has 11 mounds where the excavation work was done from RGR-1 to GR 11. In customizing India tours if you land at Delhi airport you can plan for Rakhigarhi tour from Delhi.

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Rakhigarhi Harappan Site at Hisar district of Haryana is the latest discovery of the largest Harappan city. The archaeologists have excavated a large city daling back 4000 BCE. This is cleaned to be the ancient Harappan site and was excised first by Amerendra Nath. Later on Vasanth Shinde along with his team extended the excavation work and unearthed a large city with top notch historical remains.

Location & History of Rakhigarhi – Rakhigarhi lies in Ghaggar Hakra River plains in Hisar district of Hariyana state of India. The site of Rakhi Khas and Rakhi Shahpur are commonly called Rakhigarhi. This site lies in dried up Saraswati basin. This area is spread in around 350 hectors and the team of archaeologists and scholars there are.

How to Reach Rakhigarhi – Rakhigarhi lies at a distance of nearly 150 Kms Northwest from the National capital Delhi. You can make arrangements for a cab with driver from Delhi. Within 2.5 hours you can reach the site smoothly driven. If you are planning Delhi Agra Tour Packages you can easily visit this place from Delhi Jind to Rakhigarhi distance is nearly 22 Kms which can be easily covered within half an hours.

What was found at Rakhigarhi? 4500-year-old DNA from Rakhigarhi reveals evidence that will unsettle Hindutva nationalists - Cover Story News - Issue Date: Sep 10, 2018

Fist of all the excavations at Rakhigarhi Harappan Site were done between 2013 – 2016 by Indian and south Korean researchers. Late on in 2021 excavations were carried out. Rakhigarhi excavation displays the modern tour planning system with proper drainage and sewage system. Besides on the mound 7 we found the burial of male and female together as the skeletons are found. These skeletons are sent for further D.N.A analysis. Such excavations prove that a mutinously planned civilization thrived in this area.

We come to know about the arrival sacrifice rituals as a sacrificial pit is found which is lined with mud brick. It has fire altars which are triangular and circular in shape. Besides this copper and gold jewellery, toys of terracotta, earthen pots and cylindrical seals are found which reveal the history of great civilization. The excavation reveal feat of engineering with pucca walls multi storied houses and garbage bins at the street corners. These facilities prove the habit of cleanliness of the inhabitants. Besides that a granary is found which has the provisions of prevention of moisture where grass and limes was used as insecticide, Hunting tools are also found.

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Rakhigarhi is being given proper alternation by the union Government of India. It is declared as the iconic site of A.S.I. The other 4 iconic sites are – Dholavira in Gujarat, Sivsagar in Assam, Adichanallur in Tamil Nadu and Hastinapur in Uttar Pradesh. The government plans to set up Indian Institute of Heritage. The union government plans to develop the site and make it a tourism spot for this cause budget has been allocated for the repairing of boundary wall, construction of Pathways developing amenities for the tourists, pulling solar lights etc. Thus this iconic site will promote the cultural history, Haryana state government in planning to make a museum at the site.

Different Place of Residences and industry

The archaeologists prime that there are different provisions for housing area and industrial units. They are kept aloof like in modern times. Similarly the houses of people rolling power and pelf are separate. There is a separate burial place like modern times crematoriums.

Rakhigarhi DNA– The DNA analysisof Rakhigarhi skeletons prove that they are indigenous Indian people. No traces of R1 A1 or central Asian steppe were found. Thus the theory of pastorals from Iran is quashed.

Passion for Jewellery

After the excavation work at Rakhigarhi the historians over that the inhabitants were much fond of jewellery and semiprecious stones. The stones like agate, carve lion and some other beads are found. There is a possibility of jewellery make unit in PGR – 1 and a sort of industrial area.

Rakhigarhi Tourism

There are millions of people who are interested in the old civilization culture and practices. If Rakhigarhi is promoted and provided tourism facilities it can be a great tourism destination in India. It can easily be promoted with Golden Triangle of India just adding one more day in the travel plan.  


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