10 Best South Goa Beaches

10 Best South Goa Beaches

Goa allows to vacationers for it’s seamless beauty of the beaches, age old churches and ethnicity. Tourists come to Goa for a relaxing beach experience. Besides Andaman and Nicobar these are the only famous beaches. If you are planning for Goa Tour you can reach about top details of South Goa Beaches in this blog.

1. Agonda Beach Goa – One of the top South Goa Beaches Agonda Beach, Goa Very attractive and beautiful beaches in India

Agonda Beach is a three-kilo meter stretch of ancient sand. There are colorful shacks and a welcoming vibe. Amongst the other beaches in Goa, it is the quietest and cleanest, perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. Agonda was named the fourth best beach in Asia by TripAdvisor. You can book a comfortable beachfront hotel here, and enjoy your stay in a relaxed, family-oriented environment.

If you’re a fan of surfing, Agonda Beach is the place for you. This secluded beach is also perfect for Jet-Skiing! You can sit at one of the many beachside restaurants, or try authentic Indian dishes at Fatima’s Corner. The Mandala Cafe is also famous for its traditional and flavorsome food. The beach side ambiance is perfect for soaking in the sun and listening to music.

In between a trip to Agonda Beach, you’ll want to spend some time exploring the area’s other attractions. The Agonda Beach Road offers numerous pubs, bars, and restaurants. The Leopard Valley, for example, is known for its psychedelic trance music. Johnny’s Cool is a great place to unwind and refuel. The Smuggler’s Inn serves beer and Goan dishes. At night, there’s a karaoke night at the Smuggler’s Inn. Other unique parties are held at the Silent Noise Club, a club with a unique atmosphere.

2. Palolem Beach  Palolem Beach Goa: Essential Travel Guide

While visiting Goa, you might wonder if it is worth paying a visit to Palolem Beach. Located on the southern part of the state, this semi-circular cove is surrounded by soaring rock formations. Backpackers and hippies flock to this place, which still retains its pristine composition. Visiting this beach will provide you with a unique perspective of the local culture.

The kilo meter-long Palolem beach is lined with jutting rocks, creating a crescent-shaped bay. The waters here are shallower at the northern end and gradually increase in depth. However, if you have never been to Palolem, you can still enjoy a dip in the shallower waters of the southern part of the beach. The beach is also accessible from the nearby town of Canacona, a 10 minute drive away.

If you’re looking for a little adventure, you’ll want to try dolphin boat rides. These 90-minute tours will give you an opportunity to see these playful creatures in their natural habitat. Those who have never seen these animals up close can also take a look at the nearby villages. Afterwards, head to the beach’s shops for some souvenir shopping. There are also a number of clothing outlets.

The sandy beaches of Palolem are shallow and safe for swimming and other water sports. You can even enjoy monkeys on the nearby Monkey Island. Swimming and water sports are safe on Palolem Beach, thanks to the gentle increase in sea depth and fewer waves. There are several beach resorts and hotels along the beach. For those who wish to spend the night, the beach is safe and the beaches have all the facilities.

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3. Majorda Beach Majorda beach Goa, India (Location, Activities, Night Life, Images, Facts &  Things to do) - Goa Tourism 2022

Aside from the beach shacks, you can also find many places to eat and shop at Majorda. There are local bakeries along the way, and you can park your car at the beach. While the beach is quite clean and quiet, it is also hot and humid during the peak summer months. You should wear sunscreen and avoid going to the beach in the late afternoon and early morning, as the temperature is high.

Besides shopping, tourists will also enjoy the beaches of Majorda. The town’s history is evident in its church, which was once known as the Capela de Baralho. The church hosts a grand feast every February. Chandor is a protuberant village in South Goa and was the capital of the early Chadrapur rulers. Nearby is the Damodar Temple, which features a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The shrine also hosts an annual festival known as Shigmo.

The beach is located just 29 kilometers from the capital city of Goa, Panaji. Getting there by taxi will take around 30 minutes. Majorda is close to many tourist attractions, including the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Monte Hill Chapel. You can also visit nearby sites such as the Damodar Temple, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, and Chandor. You may even find some amazing wildlife while you’re visiting Majorda Beach.

4. Bogmalo Beach  Everything About Bogmalo Beach In Goa | Things To Do In Bogmalo Beach

The salient features of Bogmalo Beach Goa are its shipwrecks and pristine white sand. A trip here will be a wonderful way to experience the aquatic life of this exotic beach. Its tranquility makes it the perfect place to enjoy a romantic getaway. There is a decent selection of hotels at this beach that cater to all budgets. You can choose from budget, mid-range, and modern hotels.

This is considered the cleanest in South Goa beaches and has excellent facilities for water sports. You can try water skiing or ski-jet facilities. You can spot dolphins in the water. Other tourist attractions nearby include the Naval Aviation Museum and St Jacintos Island, which is located in the Mormugao Bay. The resort offers free Wi-Fi and concierge services. If you’re a business traveler, the hotel offers many options for business travelers.

The beach is lined with palm trees, and is ideal for sunbathing. A few shacks are located near the beach and offer authentic Goan cuisine. Popular dishes include the famous Rava Masala Pomfret Fry and the Pork Chop. Authentic Goan cuisine is also available at Joet’s Shack. For dinner, eat at one of the local restaurants.

5. Colva Beach- One of the top South Goa Beaches Colva beach in South Goa will soon be one of India's iconic tourist sites.

A visit to Colva Beach in Goa would be a memorable experience. This small beach is backed by coconut trees and is a popular spot for water sports. You can also dine at the beach shacks, which are plentiful. If you want a less crowded beach, you can visit Benaulim. Its beach is lined with coconut palms and fishing boats. Getting to the beach is easy and you can find many of them along the main street.

If you are an adventure-seeking traveler, you should make sure to try zip lining. You will enjoy the panoramic view of the sea and can also get discounts by trying out different activities. You will need to bargain a bit with the operators as there are no 5-star luxury properties in Colva. There are, however, a lot of 3-star hotels. A perfect place to spend your days. Getting around the village is quite easy, and the only downside to Colva is that it doesn’t have a central hotel or mall.

Travelling to Colva Beach from Vasco da Gama, Margao, or Panaji will take you through a few small towns and villages. The main road through this area is lined with old colonial buildings. As you approach Colva, you will see greenery, paddy fields, and small churches. Five minutes from the beach circle, take a right onto the Dabolim-Cavelossim road and walk to the beach.

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6. Benaulim Beach  Benaulim Beach - Golden Goa

Benaulim Beach is an uncrowded and relaxing beach that has a perfect blend of south Goa beaches calmness and northern Goa energy. You can enjoy the golden sand, food shacks, and water sports at this unspoilt Goan beach. Whether you want to enjoy a day of sunbathing or indulge in some extreme sports, Benaulim offers it all.

Compared to other North Goa beaches, Benaulim is less crowded and offers ample avenues for fun and relaxation. The beach is often crowded during the evenings, but it remains serene during the day. There are also numerous water sports to enjoy, including scuba diving, dolphin spotting cruises, and crocodile watching tours. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, the beach is home to a vibrant and colorful community of local fishermen.

One of the best things about Benaulim is its beautiful beaches, which attract both tourists and locals. The white sand on this Goa beach is a delight for the eyes, and there are a number of shacks to choose from that serve delicious Indian cuisine. Kids can eat at Little Tiger, which is kid-friendly. Blue Corner, another Benaulim Beach mainstay, serves Tandoori meals. Lemon cheesecakes are a popular dessert at Blue Corner.

If you are looking for a romantic place to stay, Benaulim Beach is an excellent choice. This quaint beach town is located on the Western Ghats. Betul is 5 km north of Colva Beach and is surrounded by a number of hotels. Betul is home to Marjoda Beach Resort, one of the most prominent hotels in Benaulim. Another village in Benaulim is Maajorda, where the Jesuits first discovered Goa’s best toddy. It’s also home to the coconut palm, which provides bread.

7. Cavelossim Beach  Cavelossim Beach Goa | Top Attractions & Things to Do | Goa Tourism

In Goa, you’ll find luxury hotels and resorts along the beaches, as well as a number of budget options. Cavelossim is also a popular place for New Year celebrations, with the beach being so wide that kids can play safely. It also has a good number of restaurants, including a seafood restaurant and a golf course. Visiting this beach is also an excellent way to see Goa’s wildlife, as you can spot dolphins as they swim along the shore.

If you’re looking for a luxury resort or hotel in Cavelossim, you can fly into the Dabolim Airport in Margao, and take a taxi or other means of transportation to the beach. There are also private operators and Kadamba Transport Corporation buses that run to the area. There are also several buses from Margao that travel to Cavelossim. The new coastal route of the Konkan Railway gives visitors quick access to Goa.

For those looking for an energetic nightlife, Cavelossim is not the place for you. However, there are many resorts, and you can find a nightclub here. You can choose from a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, and a casino, as well as enjoy an authentic Indian meal. Cavelossim has plenty of shopping options and is a popular spot for tourists. The nearby Margao has a large market and many options for shopping.

8. Cabo De Rama Beach  Cabo De Rama Beach | Fort Goa - YouTube

The best way to explore the beauty of Carbo de Rama is to visit the beach. You will be amazed by the magnificent view of the Arabian Sea and the picturesque coastline. You will feel the warm and soothing atmosphere as the sun sets. It will be an unforgettable experience to walk along the beach in the evening. The swaying coconut trees and the enchanting sunset will make you want to stay here forever!

The beach is less visited by tourists compared to the neighboring beaches, but a day trip to Cabo de Rama is definitely worthwhile, especially if you want a peaceful destination in Goa.

The Cabo de Rama beach is located in Margao and can be reached by regular bus service. The nearest railway stations are Vasko da Gama and Madgaon. The quaint Cabo de Rama Cottage has a balcony and a seating area. Each cottage has a private bathroom with shower. It has a free parking lot. It also features free WiFi, a fully equipped kitchen, and free parking.

The Cabo de Rama fort has a unique history. During his 14-year exile, Lord Rama took refuge in the fort. The fort was originally named Rama Killa by locals. It was occupied by Hindus before the Portuguese colonial era. It has been occupied by Muslim, Portuguese, and Hindu rulers and has witnessed some of the most violent battles.

9. Cola Beach Salient FeaturesCola Beach Goa, India (Location, Activities, Night Life, Images, Facts &  Things to do) - Goa Tourism 2022

The Cola Beach is located at the end of the freshwater stream, the Blue Lagoon of South Goa Beaches. It has clear, swimmable waters and is surrounded by lush, green borders. Visitors can swim and enjoy the view from the resort’s beach restaurant, Blue Lagoon. The beach is easily accessible via private vehicles and can also be accessed via a 1.5 to two-kilometer mud road. During the summer, the water temperature is slightly cooler than that of the winter.

Although Cola Beach is typically a day trip destination, it’s best to spend a night here for the most relaxation. However, one night is sufficient to take in the beauty of the beach and its surroundings. After enjoying Cola’s attractions, you can move on to your next destination. Here are some interesting facts about the beach:

There are limited accommodations at Cola Beach, so you’ll need to book early. You won’t find any five-star hotels here, but you’ll be able to stay in wooden beach cottages, huts, and tents. Even if you don’t stay here, you’ll have plenty to do when you visit. Guests can even try fishing, swimming, and snorkeling. There are many things to do at Cola Beach Salient, so plan your visit accordingly!

When visiting Cola Beach, make sure to watch the sunset! The color of the sunset here is extra-spectacular because of the surrounding landscape. It is often reflected off the flat streams. You can view the sunset from the river or a magical island in the distance. Regardless of your age, you’ll love the swirling colors of the sunset on the horizon. Try to stay until sunset if you can!

10. Betalbatim Beach- Another top South Goa Beaches  Betalbatim Beach | Osaapa Betalbatim Beach

Aside from the beautiful beach, the city of Betalbatim offers several attractive salient features to its tourists. Betalbatim Beach has good tourist infrastructure, ranging from beach shacks and resorts to guest houses and home stays in South Goa Beaches. A few of the most notable properties are the Nanu Resort, Beleza by the Beach, Coconut Grove, and Alagoa Resort. You can also choose from a range of affordable vacation rentals to fit your budget.

The beach is clean and wide. The water is sheltered by large pine trees. The water is shallow and suitable for swimming, and the beach is relatively quiet year-round. Most of the hotels located near Betalbatim Beach have their own medical facilities. You can find a doctor-on-call service at several hotels, including Azaya Beach Resort and Skylark Resort. You can also access ATMs in the area, with State Bank of India, Central Bank of India, and Axis Bank being the most popular service providers.

The sand in Betalbatim is white and sandy, surrounded by lush greenery, and is the safest place to swim in Goa. The city isn’t packed with tourist facilities, so you’ll find fewer people on the beach during the off-season. However, if you’re adventurous and want to explore the untamed land of South Goa, Betalbatim is the perfect destination.





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