Bharat Gaurav Train Bookings Timings & Updates

Bharat Gaurav Train Bookings Timings & Updates

India has a long legacy of culture and heritage. The cultural and historical diversity of different regions has persuaded innumerable culture lovers from India and overseas to visit this land. India Tour Package easily be done by car or by train keeping in word the leisure tourism some luxury trains like the palace on Wheels, The Maharaja Express were launched to provide regal experience to the clients. IRCTC moved further in this direction in providing  theme based tourism circuits, Bharat Gaurav Train scheme is launched keeping in mind the need of domestic and religious tourism in India

What is Bharat Gaurav Scheme?IRCTC Seeks To Run Two Bharat Gaurav Trains On Delhi And Mumbai Sectors

With the motive of showcasing the rich heritage of India and boosting up tourism activities the Indian railways has launched the Bharat Gaurav scheme. Under this scheme the India Railways has initiated a simplified operational policy to allow the private players in the operations of these theme trains. Earlier these operations were mainly limited to the Indian railway catering and tourism cooperation only. This scheme permits the operators the “Right of Use” of the railways rakes and infrastructure. Earlier IRCTC was running such theme based train such as the Ramayana Express. Following the success the new policy is supposed to attract more tourists.

Who can operate Bharat Gaurav Trains?

Bharat Gaurav scheme makes it feasible to any person, entity, organization state Government or the tour operators to lease trains from the Indian Railways and run theme based tourism circuit. The tour operators will have liberty to name the train, make package and decide the rates, manage hotel transport and sightseeing. In fact if the operator or wants to purchase the racks from the railway production units.

Time period of lease of Bharat Gaurav Trains First Bharat Gaurav Tourist train on June 21, to cover Ramayan circuit - India News   

The time spam of leasing the train would be from 2 to 10 years or depending upon the life of the coach. The Indian Railways has a large inventory of 3033 coaches for this new project. These trains cannot be used as normal passenger trains. The operators will have a choice to alter the furshings and interiors following the safety norms set by the Indian Railways. They can make advertise splace and can develop a bargain with other a pencies for the besides promotion.

Total number of Bharat Gaurav Trains

The Indian Railways is planning to launch a bunch of 190 Bharat Gaurav Trains.

How would Bharat Gaurav Trains Look Like?

Bharat Gaurav trains policy was issued on Nov.14.2021. Each Bharat Gaurav train would comprise of 14 to 20 coaches. They would be similar to some earlier theme based trains charging along like the Ramayana train which offers a journey of 17 days to the pilgrimage for the place linked with Lord Ram like Ayodhya, Chitrakoot. There would be a choice of coaches keeping in mind all segments like budget and luxury.

The process to apply for Bharat Gaurav Trains

Mr. Union minister for the railways Mr. Ashwini Vaishnav disclosed the procedure to apply for Bharat Gaurav Trains. It is simple one has to register online at . The allotment of these coaches to all eligible permits would be on the availability. These would be a rake security deposit of one crore. So far several service provides have registered with the portal including the IRCTC and we may likely to see such trains plying on very soon in coming months




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