A Good Move to Make the Taj Mahal Pollution Free

A Good Move to Make the Taj Mahal Pollution Free

As from the sources the local Administration of Agra is to set air purifying machines, will perhaps a better move to clean up the atmosphere in the Taj Mahal surroundings. Normally in the month of November and October end if you are travelling on Agra tour packages some times it happens a great problem on account of smog.

This is created by the smoke coming from Punjab and Haryana to Delhi and then to Agra by the burning of paddy stumps and popularly known as Parali. Even the situation worsens on account of weather when the dust particles and smoke mix together and is not able to soar up and accumulates at the lower regions.

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Make the Taj Mahal Pollution Free

The local administration is trying to set up two air purifying machines and do mechanized cleaning process to control the problem of smog so that it may not affect the tourist footfalls. Hopefully this is going to keep the air clean in the surroundings of the epitome of love- The Taj Mahal. If you are doing the Taj Mahal Tour you can ask the tour guide about the pollution causes and difference from earlier times to the present day.

As on account of the problems of global recession and the Indo Pak relations has already affected the tourist season. The new problem of Smog has aggravated the issue. The local people involved in the tourism Industry are thinking this a good move to increase the tourism of Agra.


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