Agra Chaupati – Things to know Before you go

Agra Chaupati – Things to know Before you go

Agra Chaupati Information (आगरा चौपाटी जानकारी)

The word Agra Chaupati or Chawpati is coined after Girgaon Chowpatti in Mumbai. Chowpatti word is derived from Chaw+Pati which signify 4 channels Girgaon or Juhu Chawpati is famous beach destination and a part of Mumbai Sightseeing. This place is famous for Mumbai food delights. On the same concept Masala Chowk in Jaipur was developed and is an open air food court which offers 21 flavor of Rajasthani food. As the name signifies Masala which means spice and Chowk relates to public crossing, this food court located in Ram Niwas Garden of Jaipur as a paradise for the Foodies. 56 Dukan in city of Indore is a similar foodie junction, Hundreds and thousands of street food lovers gather every day at the Chappan Dukaan to enjoy the delicacies served here at amazing prices.

On the similar concept of Masala Chowk Jaipur the Agra development Authority envisaged the plan to develop Agra Chowpatti which can offer a new activity in Agra Tours and can enhance the night stay in Agra. This Agra Chowpatty will attract the local Agraites as well as domestic and international tourists to spend quality time. The Plan of Chowpatty was initiated by the Vice President of A.D.A Mr. Rajendra Pensia and the foundation stone was laid in the past year which has come in full bloom in Jan 2023.

Agra Chaupati Location

Agra Chaupati(आगरा चौपाटी)is located at a distance of nearly 2 kms away from the iconic Taj Mahal. It lies in the Zonal Park of Taj Nagri phase 2. Just like Parantha Wali Gali of Old Delhi you can savor different dishes and flavors of Food in Agra under one roof..

How to Reach Agra Chaupati?

It is very easy to reach Agra Chaupati by using public transport or your own transport or Private Car. If you are on Taj Mahal Tours and staying in any hotel on Fatehabad Road over you can approach Agra Chowpatti within 10 Minutes. As a local of Agra you can come to Taj Nagari Phase 2 by your car or two-wheeler and can enjoy the Agra Chaupati.

Agra Chaupati Timings 11am to 11pm

You can have Agra Chaupati food experience 7 days a week from mid day to the late evening from 11 am to 11 pm. So far you need not to shed a single penny to enjoy this food trail.

Specialties of Agra Chaupati

The City of Agra and the nearly areas of Mathura Firozabad etc, have been famous for indigenous local food dishes since ages. As the Mughals settled in Agra and made this city as their capital much Persian, Turkish, Arabic influence came into culture and food habits. Many Mughal foods comprises of dishes developed in medieval times in famous Indo Persian cities with the tandoor many modern Mughalai dishes such as Tandoori Tikka, Tandoori Chicken became food habit of Agra area with the famous Veggie delights, Agra famous food combines Indian and central Asian cuisines. Kebabs came into vogue. Biryani, Kebabs, Parantha, Shahi Paneer, Kadhai Paneer, Paneer Tikka, Butter Paneer, Bedai, Mutton Korma, Tawa Chicken, Mutoon Biryani, Butter Chicken, Seek Kabab’s etc are famous Agra Food. Book Maharajas Express

Agra is will renowned for Panchi Petha, Rambabu Paratha, Deviram Sweets, Mama Franky, Gopaldas  pethe wale , Bhagat Halwai, Dauji sweets and Brij bhog. In Agra Chowpatty one can enjoy savory Chaats, Momos, Dosa, Golgappa, Chowmein, Burger, Pizza, Faluda and other fast food all at one place.

Facilities in Agra Chaupati

In Agra Chowpatty (आगरा चौपाटी) all 30 Kiosk will be e-auctioned where renowned interested sellers will find their mart. Vendors will also will register to sell their items. For public thing there will be Air-Conditioned hall. In the adjoining area there will be open space for sitting spread in nearly 700 yards. The premises will have security and drinking water and toilet facilities. The Kiosk owners and traders will have tax relaxation of 50% for 2 years period.

The Chaupati area would accommodate the sitting of nearly 300 persons. In the Zonal Park Children can enjoy the swings.

The Agra development authority is also planning to run Golf cart services for tourists from the east and west gates of Taj Mahal to reach Agra Chaupati.


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