Varanasi Tent City – Information, facilities & booking

Varanasi Tent City – Information, facilities & booking

Varanasi the oldest city of India is the cradle of Indian religion and culture. The city is widely remembered for famed “Kashi Vishwanath Temple”, the Ganges Ghats, vibrant markets, and narrow alleys. The perennial river Ganges is the life line of the city. It has been a long tradition with the Hindu religion to have holy bath in the Ganges. Thus the banks of the river Ganges are seen brimming with the people. Since times immemorial the sages, holy men, king and papers all alike used to throng the Ghats of the Ganges in the holy month of Magh which normally falls in January. Several people spend 1 month Kalpvas living on the bank of Ganges in different cities located at the bank of Ganges. The different people pitch tents, dwell there and involve in charities. Varanasi Tent city is conceptualized on the same theme.

Millions of travelers across India and the globe cherish the desire to enjoy the city of Varanasi and its living culture, traditional and activities. Such tourists now have a better option to enjoy the culture and the Ganges without staying in modern hotels but to lead the life in the lap of nature and enjoying the privileges of a hotel. This experience would take the Varanasi tourism to the new tradition.

Location of Varanasi Tent City

Varanasi Tent City is located in front of Asi Ghat on the other edge of the Ganges. The Tent city inaugurated by the Prime Minister “Mr. Narender Modi” on 12th January is a luxury tented accommodation and offers a great vista of Kashi and its famous Ghats and the soothing ripples of the river. Thus the tented city is ready to entertain the guests from the eve of Makar Sankranti as 15th January. The Varanasi Tent city would exist up to many. Later it will restart in Oct 2023. On account of rainy season the tent city would cease during June to October for almost 5 months.

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About Varanasi Tent City

This gorgeous tent city is spread in an area of 3 acres of land. This tent city is developed by the Varanasi Development Authority in the form of 3 Clusters, each cluster comprises of 200 Tents. You can enjoy staying in villa, super deluxe or deluxe rooms. Besides you can enjoy the modern amenities like in 5 star hotels such as gaming zone, dining area, spa & yoga, library, house and camel riding on the thumps of dreams and traditional Indian Aarti Tika.

After morning rise enjoy the soothing music of the musical instruments such as Sitar, Santur and Sarangi and be a witness to the Ganga Aarti ceremony. As a foodie enjoy the succulent pleasures of Varanasi food delights in Breakfast and Lunch. You get to relish such specialties such as Varanasi Chat, Sweets & Paan etc.

In the tent city there are indoor games for children and a club house is set up besides there is Yoga and meditation center where nearly 300 Person can perform yoga at a time there is hospital facility aid facility is prepared.

Besides savory mouth watery cuisines you also have chance to know about local handicraft in the shopping platform. You get the chance of boat tour along Ganga Ghat Darshan and indulge in live cultural performances. Besides you participate in Ganga Aarti ceremony and other local sightseeing.

Unique Things about Varanasi Tent City

This tent city is envisaged on the model of rustic experience with luxury. Whole loving inside the tent looking like a village homes with clay color. While walking towards cafeteria, you feel like a village way and bamboo railing. Besides you enjoy sheer luxury like swimming pool, library, given reception lounge etc. This is all done in eco-friendly way while you like battery cars. The entire area is under CCTV surveillance for safety reasons.

Varanasi Tent City Booking

There are is topics of Accommodation in Varanasi Tent City. Top is Ganga Darshan Villas which are river facing and have private beach living area and king size bed. It costs nearly 20,000 INR.

Second category is known as Kashi Suites. This is spacious A.C Tent with king size bed and other facilities. It costs nearly 12000 INR.

Third category is premium Tents which are A.C Tent with tourism beds and are comparatively small in size than premium tents is costs nearly 7500 INR.

There are 2 packages one is for 1 Night 2 days and the second for 2 nights 3 days. You can easily book any packages by visiting the website

 Things Not allowed in Varanasi Tent City:-

While booking Varanasi Tent house you should know that there is a ban an eating non-veg food and drinking Alcohol. Besides you and supposed to maintain the (Normal) Indian nouns



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