Agra Famous Sweet Shops

Agra Famous Sweet Shops

Agra is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh India. This city is world-famous for its magnificent monument of love the Taj Mahal. This city attracts 7 million tourists annually from all around the world and having three world heritage sites of UNESCO on the distance of 40 km such as Taj Mahal, Agra fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Besides the monumental history Agra is also famous for its several delicious foods and sweets. These Agra famous sweet shops are always crowded with tourists and locals which are coming to savor the delicacies of Agra sweets. Some famous sweets of Agra city are Kesar Halwa, Jalebi, Ras Malai, Malai Puri,Gulab Jamun and Petha.

In this blog we mention the list of famous sweet shops of which are famous for its special sweets everywhere in India.

Deviram Sweet

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Deviram sweets are one of the famous sweet shops in Agra located at Pratap Pura crossing near GPO Agra. Deviram sweets are one of the very old sweet shops of Agra and the first choice for locals and tourist during their Agra stay  Earlier they are famous for sweets like Bundi ke Laddu, Rabri, Ras malai etc but in present they are mostly known for its breakfast in which they serve Bedai (A hollow puri filled with lentils or mess potatoes) and jalebi. Sometimes you have to wait in the morning hours to have this delicious breakfast and sweets.

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  • Bhagat Halwai

This famous sweet shop is located near Anjana cinema M. G road which is the busiest road of Agra. This place is close to big shopping centers, colleges and theatres so the crowd you may find every time over here. The sweets which are famous here is white spounge, Raj Bhog and Kaju Katli (Sweets made by cashew). You will also get the facility of packing and delivering it at any point of the city. If you are in Agra you will grab the opportunity to enjoy the delicacies.

Brijwasi SweetsAgra famous sweet shops

The Agra city is also known as the Brij sector as this city is close to Mathura which is the birth place of Lord Krishna. The oldest shop of Brijwasi you will find at shopping Arcade Sadar Bazar which is famous for shopping and eateries for localities and tourists. Brijwasi sweets is the best place to enjoy the sweets and snack on reasonable price and due to its location its always busy. They are also serving south Indian snacks like Dosa, idli, rawa etc.

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  • Brij Bhog

Brij Bhog sweets is not the oldest name in the history of Agra sweet shops but in present it gives tough competition to the famous and oldest sweet shops with its new varieties and mouth watering sweets. This is located in the narrow street of Moti katra which was also famous as the residential street of expert cooks (Halwais). If you will get a chance to visit this shops enjoy the earthen pot milk mixed with dry fruits and in summers you will enjoy Mango Barfi which gives you the taste of sweet and ice cream together.

Dauji Sweets – Agra Famous sweet shops

Dauji sweets are one of the oldest shop in Agra which is famous for its delicious sweet recopies. These shops are close to the bus stops and and bye pass roads so the footfall of the tourist is from morning to evening. The oldest shops are at Bhagwan talkies crossing and at Nunhai. They are using the old methods of preparation of sweets so most of the products they made with the use of pure milk. You can also order here for bulk quantities as they have big stores as well.

  • Gopal Das Pethe Wale

Gopal Das is famous for its Indian traditional sweets earlier they only made the famous sweet of Agra Petha and the snack Dal Moth but in present they are famous for the iconic gift packs and delicious varieties of India sweets. They have also open recently some big food outlets on the main fatehabad road Agra which is always busy with foreigner tourists and an eye catcher for everyone. They serve here snacks here along with sweets like Dahi Bhalla, Chole Bhature and Pani Puri.

  • GMB Sweets

GMB sweets are also known as Gopika Misthan Bhandar which is new in Agra and opening several outlets in Agra on best locations. These sweets shops are famous for their varieties and creativity. These sweet shops take this art to a new concept where they can introduce different varities with the same materials. In most of the sweets they are using a pinch of dry fruits which is quite unique for everyone. You will find one of the big stores near on the Fatehabad road and they also open recently a Thali restaurant by the name of Gopika Thaal.

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  • Shanti Sweets

Shanti sweets are located in the posh area of Agra called Kamla nagar. This place ‘ Kamla Nagar’ is famous as the residential of high societies and rich families of Agra and Shanti sweets is the one and only stop for all of them to quench the thrust of their throat. This is the best ahygeinic place to enjoy sweets and snacks and specially the morning breakfast they served like Kachauri, jalebi with a glass of Lassi is super and looks like a complete diet for all the day.

  • Bikanerwala

Bikanerwala is the new concept and a kind of one stop for family to enjoy the quality time. Bikanerwala is not only famous for its sweets but also for its large variety of snacks and meals. These big stores will give you a feeling of a modern city where lots of people come together and enjoy their choice of foods. The first outlet of Bikanerwala was open near Bhagwan talkies crossing and recently they also open a big store at Fatehabad road which is also known as the VIP road to the Taj Mahal.

Panchhi Petha – Agra Famous sweet shops

Pancchi petha is the first name in the history if Agra sweets, The Agra city is famous for Taj Mahal and its sweet Petha which is lovable for all over the india. They have many outlets in the Agra city at present but the oldest one are in Sadar Bazar and at Rawli crossing. There are so many fake shops also you will find by the name of Panchhi petha but if you want to get the best quality you have to find the real one. They are serving petha in different varities like simple petha, kesar petha, angoori petha, pan petha etc. If you are in Agra at least onec ypu should buy this special sweet which you not find anywhere else in India.


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