Top Places to Visit In West Bengal

Top Places to Visit In West Bengal

West Bengal offers stunning landscapes. From snowcapped mountains of Darjeeling to the golden beaches of Digha, there’s something spectacular in every corner of this state that awaits visitors. Murshidabad is an idyllic destination filled with historic monuments and churches. Don’t miss visiting Gorumara National Park either – home to an abundance of plants and animals alike! Here you get to know about best Places to Visit In West Bengal.


Kolkata is an incredible city that has much to offer its visitors; bustling metropolitans, historic towns and stunning beach areas all converge here for an experience unlike any other in India. And Kolkata State offers some of the top tourist spots imaginable!

Marble Palace Mansion is an incredible jewel located at the heart of Kolkata that holds various paintings and other artwork. Furthermore, it also boasts an idyllic garden to provide peace and serenity away from city life.

Mother Teresa House in Kolkata is another popular tourist spot and should not be missed by those inspired by Mother Teresa and her work. This residence showcases both her life and ideologies and is an essential stop on any visit to Kolkata. Book India Tour Packages

Visit Alipore Zoo, one of India’s oldest zoos and home to many incredible species of animals – it’s especially fun for kids! And maybe catch sight of an endangered one-horned rhinoceros! In addition, visit Kalimpong hill station for spectacular mountain peaks and picturesque villages!


Darjeeling should be included on any West Bengal trip. Wake early to witness its captivating sunrise over Kanchenjunga and other snow-topped peaks of the Eastern Himalayan range.

Peace Pagoda is another incredibly popular tourist spot, featuring stunning Buddhist architecture that provides stunning aerial views of Kanchenjunga and surrounding cities. Devoted to four of Lord Buddha’s avatars, it draws visitors of all religions for meditation sessions that leave you speechless! Spend some time here meditating and experience spiritual tranquility that will leave you speechless!

Visit Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoo (formerly Himalayan Zoological Park) while in Darjeeling; established in 1954 to protect endangered high altitude animals and establish conservation efforts, it remains one of the top tourist spots.

Darjeeling Ropeway offers stunning panoramic views of the city and is considered the first cable car ever established in 1968. Additionally, winter brings breathtaking landscapes with tea plantations covered by snowfall – the perfect combination!

Bankura – One of the Top Places to Visit In West Bengal

Bankura, one of the key historical districts in West Bengal, boasts architectural temples and terracotta sculptures from its golden past. Additionally, this peaceful district offers nature lovers lush forests and hills to explore while shopping is also available here for handicrafts or Baluchari silk sarees.

The Siddeshwar Temple in Bankura’s Onda district is an architectural marvel with its stunning terracotta structure and intricate carvings and motifs that will leave visitors spellbound. Nestled amidst Susunia Hills – ideal for trekking and rock climbing – lies this splendid structure.

Bankura offers many scenic gems, and one such highlight is visiting Gar Darja in Bishnupur. Constructed as part of its protection of royals against danger, this beautiful gate still remains eye-catching after all these years.

Joypur jungle is an idyllic locale filled with thick forests of sal palash, mahua and neem trees, making it an excellent spot for birdwatching enthusiasts as well as seeing wildlife such as cheetals, wolves and elephants. Additionally, Joypur jungle boasts an exquisite Pancharatna Temple featuring breathtaking terracotta work.


Midnapore, situated along the Kangsabati River, is famous for its rich cultural and historic background. Notably, this is where Kazi Nazrul Islam, an esteemed Bengali poet was born.

Attracting visitors from across Bengal, Orissa, and Bhutan alike are its numerous temples – particularly Mahamaya and Kurumbera which draw devotees from across these three states; those interested in history should head over to Chandrakona Palace which provides insight into its rich past.

Sorojini City is known for its traditional arts and crafts, including pottery and terracotta figurines, as well as its vibrant street food culture that visitors can take part in. Furthermore, Sorojini Stadium hosts various sporting events and tournaments making it a must visit destination for sports fans.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata serves Midnapore with domestic flights that travel both domestically and abroad, or passengers can take the train. Furthermore, rental cars or taxi services may also be used as means of travel around town.

Siliguri – One of the Top Places to Visit In West Bengal

Siliguri is one of the premier tourist spots in West Bengal, boasting numerous attractions that make this city one of the top travel destinations. From shopping at malls like Vega Circle to exploring religious sites like Sevoke Kali Mandir, this city has it all. Visitors can also have fun at various parks like Baghajatin Park, Dreamland Amusement Park and Madhuban Park – among many others!

Coronation Bridge, one of North Bengal’s iconic landmarks, should not be missed when visiting this beautiful city. Forming an arch over Teesta River bed and being surrounded by lush green mountains, this magnificent spot makes an incredible spot to take photos. Once known locally as Sevoke Bridge and Bagh Pool, its name was changed in 1937 in honour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s coronation ceremony.

Other must-see destinations in Siliguri include Salugara Monastery, constructed by Tibetan Buddhist monks who were followers of Dalai Lama and is known for its 100-foot stupa. Also don’t miss Iskcon Temple; an exquisite temple boasting beautiful campus grounds and relaxing atmosphere.


Hooghly is an idyllic cultural heritage site situated on the banks of River Hooghly. Here visitors can explore various attractions that exude history and culture, providing them with an immersive experience of history.

West Bengal boasts many attractions that draw tourists from around the globe, such as Hooghly Imambara – a two-storied mosque built by Hazi Mohammad Mahasin in 1861 as a religious centre of Shia Muslims, serving as their main commemoration site on Muharram, or seventh day of Muslim month.

Haldapukur Tank was once part of the medieval Hindu kingdom of Bhurshut and now stands as an iconic spiritual symbol in India, having been visited by Swami Vivekananda himself.

Another top tourist attraction in Bansbaria is Hangseswari Temple, a stunning example of Indian architecture dedicated to Goddess Kali. Additionally, Deer Park, an ideal environment full of green spaces and diverse vegetation and fauna should not be missed during your travels through this region.


Birbhum, situated along the River Ajoy and known as a culturally vibrant region, is famed for Visva Bharati University at Shantiniketan as well as itinerant folk singers and Kirtaniyas that travel around. Terracotta structures also draw many tourists while there are cottage industries for ceramic and metalware production here as well. Additionally, Shantiniketan hosts its Poush Mela festival every spring that attracts musicians from different corners of India for music lovers to attend.

Winter is the best time to visit this majestic place, as you can travel there by train or hiring a private car from Kolkata.

Shantiniketan, founded by Rabindranath Tagore and popularly referred to as “Tagore’s Land,” stands out as an impressive tourist destination. Featuring temples, museums, and libraries – as well as some popular wildlife sanctuaries (Ballabhpur Wildlife Sanctuary is open from 9 AM-4 PM); Srijani Shilpagram features nine museums that resemble traditional Indian huts with over 1,000 artifacts).

Cooch Behar – One of the Top Places to Visit In West Bengal

Cooch Behar, or Koch Bihar as it is more commonly referred to, is an elegant town and former seat of Maharajas, which today draws tourists with its many historical structures and picturesque locale. Locals pride themselves in highlighting their Raj era legacy or are moved with excitement when recalling these majestic structures that still stand tall throughout their town.

Cooch Behar Palace is one of the city’s top attractions. Constructed by Maharaja of Cooch Behar, this grand white structure with multiple verandas makes for a magnificent sight. Additionally, Siddeshwari Kali Temple, Kamteshwar Temple and Baneshwar Shiva Temple attract numerous devotees each day.

Another popular attraction in Cooch Behar is Sagar Dighi or ocean-like pond excavated by Maharaja of Cooch Behar, Hitendra Narayan. This vast reservoir houses numerous hotels and War Memorial as well as offering recreational activities like boating, walking and picnicking; additionally it is also popular with bird enthusiasts due to the presence of many migratory birds that reside here.


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