Unforgettable Places To Visit In Mysore

Unforgettable Places To Visit In Mysore

Unleash your curiosity by exploring Mysore’s unusual cultural attractions. Begin at the Oriental Research Institute, an oasis for rare palm leaf manuscripts. Karanji Lake offers an ideal picnic destination, boasting picturesque waters and home to over 147 bird species. Additionally, this charming lake houses a regional museum on its premises. Get close to nature by visiting Mysore Zoo – one of India’s oldest zoological parks! Here you get to know top Places To Visit In Mysore.

Mysore Palace

There are places that take your breath away with their breathtaking natural beauty: verdant forests, sparkling lakes, snow-capped mountains and beyond. There are also those that tell stories from bygone glories; Mysore is such a place. With palaces from its royal past showcasing architectural marvels that speak volumes.

Mysore Palace is one of Mysore’s top destinations to visit, serving as royal residence to the Wodeyar dynasty for centuries. Stepping inside feels like entering an extravagant Bollywood film; intricate carvings add visual delight. Home to Durbar Hall, Ambavilasa (elephant seat made out of 84 kg of gold), Kalyana Mantapa and more, Mysore Palace makes for an amazing visit!

Shweta Varahaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is another popular attraction, one of Mysore’s oldest and architecturally stunning. For something different, visit St Philomena Church with its Neo-Gothic design featuring colorful stained glass windows from France – or head to St Philomena Church featuring Neo-Gothic architecture with beautiful stained glass windows from France!

Brindavan Gardens

Brindavan Gardens are located adjacent to Krishnaraja Sagar Dam and feature fountains, flower beds and themed trees for visitors’ delight. Credited to former Mysore dewan Sir Mirza Ismail, these 145-acre park are definitely worth a visit, offering grassy slopes ideal for strolling as well as food stalls offering delicious cuisine options within its borders.

The centerpiece of the park’s attractions are its breathtaking musical fountains. Paired with laser lights, these musical fountains synchronize perfectly with music and come to life when illuminated at night. Water flow is digitally managed via an aquatic organ which makes the fountains dance to each song being played – these songs range from soulful instrumental tunes to patriotic tunes!

Another major attraction of the park is a lake with a towering water jet and battery-operated mini train ride that delights children of all ages. For the best experience, visiting at nightfall when people have come to watch its fountain show is recommended.

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills are sacred grounds renowned for the Temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari, one of the forms of Maha Kali that served as family deities to former Wodayar rulers in Mysore. She is believed to have vanquished Mahishasura (demon-in-bison form). Formerly, Mahabala Betta hill gained prominence when Mysore royal family started worshipping Chamunddeshwari.

Tourists and devotees from Mysore alike come to Mysore’s Chamundeshwari Temple at Chamundi Hills to view its remarkable Dravidian architecture, such as its seven-story gopura (temple gateway). At nightfall Mysore illuminates like never before as everyone gathers to gaze upon this spectacular site! It truly looks like something from a fairytale. Book India Tour Packages

On top of the hill are several ancient temples and half way up its path is an impressive monolithic statue of Nandi, Lord Shiva’s bull – considered to be the third largest Nandi statue in India! Take photos with it or simply relax and soak up its tranquil surroundings.

Karanji Lake – One of the top Places To Visit In Mysore

Karanji Lake, situated right in the heart of Mysore city is one of Karnataka’s premier attractions. A sanctuary of nature with large areas of trees and picturesque plants that add psychological comfort for visitors, as well as an amazing lake that attracts numerous species of birds is what draws people here.

Lake Como is surrounded by a nature park featuring a butterfly park and India’s largest walk-through aviary; both popular with children who can view a variety of colorful butterflies.

An impressive feature of the park is the medicinal plant garden, where visitors can learn more about medicinal plants and their uses. Additionally, Lake Harriet hosts many species of migratory birds which provide ample opportunity for ornithologists to observe an impressive array of birdlife. A special bird watch tower in the park allows ornithologists to take full advantage of this fantastic resource and detect more species than ever.

Lalitha Mahal – Another top Places To Visit In Mysore

Lalitha Mahal, commonly referred to as the Palace of Glass is an exquisite palace in Mysore – widely considered the “city of palaces”. As its second-largest structure and second-largest in Mysore overall, Lalitha Mahal features unique blend of Renaissance style, English manor architecture and Italian palazzo features. Built during Wadiyar Krishnaraja Bahaddur IV’s rule in 1921 with stunning detailing and specifications making this major tourist attraction.

This two-story structure boasts a projecting porch supported by double columns with spherical domes. The palace’s most notable feature is the towering central dome above its entrance hall – also known as the Guard House – topped by breath-taking designs and intricate carvings on both its walls and ceilings, Belgian crystal chandeliers, exquisite cut glass lamps, and Persian carpets that add further beauty.

This palace provides in-house dining options, an outdoor swimming pool and health club to meet guests’ needs. Plus, it’s just minutes from Mysore Zoo with free parking!

Mysore Zoo – One of the top Places To Visit In Mysore

Mysore Zoo is an immensely popular tourist attraction in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Situated approximately 3 kilometers from Mysore Palace, this zoological garden houses over 168 species of animals and plants. Additionally, there are spacious enclosures, walking trails, veterinary hospital services, quarantine facility and operation theater available onsite. Mysore Zoo holds painting competitions to encourage children’s creativity as they develop empathy towards animals while cross breeding efforts help ensure sustainability within its ecosystem.

Mysore Zoo has long been revered for its outstanding contribution towards wildlife conservation. It has supported many endangered species while providing captive breeding opportunities for rare and exotic animals – it is one of the oldest zoological parks worldwide!

Mysore Zoo boasts an expansive collection of exotic animals such as tigers, elephants, giraffes, deer, and various fish species – as well as its famous Karanji Lake that attracts migrating birds each year. Additionally, Mysore Zoo organizes Youth Club activities whereby students learn to clean cages, interact with animals and study animal behavior!

Krishna Raja Sagar Dam

The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is one of India’s greatest engineering marvels. Serving both Mysore and Mandya with drinking water as well as providing irrigation in South Karnataka, this dam spans across Kaveri river to supply drinking water and provide irrigation. Named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV of Mysore as its royal patron king; designed by Sir M Visvesvaraya it’s commonly referred to as KRS Dam and Kannambadi Dam.

The dam is known for its breathtaking musical fountains that come twirling out of the lake synchronized to music and light up in mesmerising displays. Additionally, Brindavan Gardens are nearby providing visitors with another lovely destination for exploration.

Dams offer numerous recreational activities for families and friends alike, including boating, swimming and walking on its wall. Picnicking with families is another favorite pastime here; additionally the park boasts abundant flora and fauna such as tigers, sloth bears leopards wild boar spotted deer four-horned antelope and more!

St. Philomena Church

St. Philomena Church stands as one of Asia’s grand cathedrals, dedicated to Saint Philomena – a 4th-century martyr and Catholic saint believed to have her remains preserved here. Built in neo-Gothic style to resemble Germany’s Cologne Cathedral.

Maharaja Mummudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar of Mysore laid the foundations for this church in 1843 and soon after brought in Saint Philomena’s relic from East India for burial here. Additionally, this church serves as part of Archconfraternity of Saint Philomena to provide Christians from around the globe an official and identifiable structure through which to express their worship of her and show our reverence.

People find the atmosphere at this church so relaxing that they enjoy visiting it time after time. Offerings here include prayer, meditation, spiritual reading and reflection – perfect for taking a break from busy schedules to spend some time with God!


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