How to Reach The Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal has been the favorite haunt of the tourist since the time immemorial. It used to be a cumbersome process to travel to the Taj Mahal long back. Now with the modern facility and infrastructure of airways, railways and highways made it easy touring the Taj Mahal in few hours to one day.

This post would certainly help you in customizing your Taj Mahal tour from major Indian cities. You can plan how to reach the Taj Mahal from other tourist destinations

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How to plan Taj Mahal Trip From Delhi?

If you are in Delhi NCR you have two options to travel to the Taj Mahal either by Road or By train. The distance is nearly 200 km and can easily be covered by car or by coach in 3 and a half hours. If you have to do a private Taj Mahal tour you can book a cab for Agra tour from any reputed tour operator. Remember touring Agra by car is an easy option if you want to book instantly.

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If you book in advance you have options of doing train journey, you have the best option to do Agra tour By Gatiman Express and this can be done even in a day tour enjoying the comforts of the luxury modern train. You have some more options for train tours like coming by Shatabdi Express can do one day Agra tour or overnight Taj Mahal Tours.

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How to plan Taj Mahal Tour From Jaipur?

In case you come to Jaipur and want to do Taj Mahal day trip, the car is the best option. There is a modern highway and the distance between Jaipur and Agra can easily be covered in 3 and a half hours. If you have more time like 2 days you can book a train also.

Touring Taj Mahal From Mumbai

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Yes, the Taj Mahal day tour is possible from Mumbai. Take an early morning flight to Delhi which takes almost 2 hours. Right from the airport take a car and hit the road to Agra. The total duration will be almost 10 hours of the Agra tour from Delhi. In the late evening again catch your flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

Taj Mahal Trip From Bangaluru

As lots of people are on business trips in Bangaluru and are willing to do a day trips to the Taj Mahal on the weekends, they can easily do a day or 2 days Delhi Agra Taj Mahal tour from Bangaluru.

Taj Mahal Tour From Hyderabad

Like Mumbai, you can travel from Hyderabad to Delhi and then by road to Agra. After witnessing the glory of the Taj you return back to Hyderabad the same day.

Touring Taj Mahal From ChennaiFrom Chennai, it is advisable to book 2 days Taj Mahal tour as in one day it is very hectic.


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